The Best Dresses for Your Figure

LoveProm knows that every body types can look amazing. You will find prom dresses, homecoming dresses, and formal or casual party dresses that flatter all body types. Browse our medley of busty dresses, apple dresses, slender dresses, hourglass dresses, and petite dresses, and show up to any upcoming special event in style.

To help you find your ideal look, LoveProm has made it easy to search for formal, semi-formal, and casual dresses by figure. No matter your body type, look and feel confident in a dress that helps showcases your figure and create a pleasing silhoutte.


The busty LoveProm body type: You've got a large bust, narrow hips, and your waist gets a bit lost in the middle. To create a more balanced hourglass shape, we suggest a dress that draws attention to your face, and helps balance your curvy upper body with your narrower lower body. This can be accomplished by choosing dresses that add a new curve to your hips and create a more defined waist. You can even show some leg, but make sure that hemline does not go too far up so you avoid accentuating a top-heavy look.


The apple LoveProm body type: You carry your weight in your middle, generally have slender legs and a shorter, less defined waist. Draw those eyes to your upper body with an empire waist or embellished top. Similarly, an accented ruching or a dress with an A-Line silhouette can hide your midsection while a short or high-low skirt can turn make your legs go for days.


The slender LoveProm body type is when you are slim from your shoulders down to your toes. Show off that sleek bod with a fitted, body conscious dress or create some new shapes with interesting dress cuts. An asymmetric neckline there, a belted waist there, or even featuring a slit will create an eye trace across your frame.


The hourglass LoveProm figure is curvy without being topsy-turvy. Your bust and hips are proportionate to each other while your upper body is balanced with the length of your legs. The best dresses for this body type will accentuate your best asset, usually a well-defined waist without obscuring the rest of the body. Form-fitteing tops, v-necks, open necklines, accentuated waistlines and wrap dresses will all draw attention to the right places.


The pear LoveProm body type is when your hips are larger than your bust and like the hourglass body type, your waist is well-defined. With a pear body type your waist is your best asset and your dress better show it! The goal is to add volume to your upper body and emphasize your small waist to create a balanced silhouette. Using a fitted open neck or strapless top will help show off those assets while an A-Line skirt will help deemphasize your hips.


If you have a petite LoveProm body type, you are typically less than 5ft 3inches tall, which often means that your torso will fall differently than non-petite girls. An asymmetrical hemline or a short dress can go a long way to making you look taller. Try to avoid floor-length gowns or full skirts since they can easily drown you out (never mind the alteration costs). Slim fits, vertical prints, and pleating are all definite features to look out for since these will elongate your silhouette. That being said, being petite isn't merely a matter of height as petite girls still come in their own variety of shapes and sizes so it is best to check if your body falls under a secondary type.

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