A Brief History of Prom and Promposals

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We were contemplating promposal stories recently, and it occurred to us that the term has only recently become popular (recently as in “not a thing if you are over 30 years old”). This made us think about more about the elaborate ritual now known as a “promposal” – When did it begin? Is it an internet phenomenon? It became clear that we needed to know the history of promposals (or our useless knowledge database would be incomplete)! According to Wikipedia, proms may date back to the 19th Century! For the historically challenged, the 19th Century refers to the years between January 1, 1801 and December 31, 1900. Proms are seriously old affairs. They have always marked a coming of age period in the lives of young adults, and are reasonably popular subjects of movies, literature and art. They are generally semi-formal events where men where tuxes and ladies wear dresses, although those rules can be, and are often broken. When Did Promposals Start? The Washington Post was once curious about this same topic (ah, such company), concluding that the term promposal may have risen to popularity with social media, but the actual act of humiliating oneself publicly, complete with attention-getting […]

4 Things Your Prom Has in Common with Harry and Meghan’s Wedding

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There is nothing like a palace wedding to inspire people around the world to party like they’re royalty! Meghan and Harry may be thousands of miles away when they say I Do on their tradition-tossing wedding day, but you can tap their spirit to inspire your prom in some fun ways. Here are 4 ways to give your prom the Harry & Meghan makeover. Name Your Royal Court Most prom itineraries include crowning a school’s Prom King and Queen, and recognizing several runners up as princesses and princes. Harry and Meghan will enjoy the cheers of their royal family as well as their subjects. It seems unlikely that they will take a spin around the dance floor wearing crowns, but that shouldn’t stop your winning couple from doing so! Hire Food Trucks to Cater Your Meal Never let it be forgotten that over a month before the royal wedding, we were promoting catering by food truck, or the “Food Truck Proms.” And now the prince, younger son of beloved late Princess Diana and successor to the throne of England, Prince Charles, has gone and selected food trucks to provide some of his wedding catering too! No one can blame him, […]

Last-Minute Prom Survival Tips

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All over the country, upperclassmen are headed to proms and formals in the month of May. It is a time to celebrate over a decade of classes together – growing up, playing sports, participating in band, orchestra or choir, sharing memories – and of looking forward to an exciting, yet unknown future. Prom represents a moment in time when everyone comes together for one of the last big rituals of youth. Are you ready? The days and hours leading up to prom are usually full of anticipation, and a lot of nerves. We thought we’d help you out with some tips and to-dos that will help you have a great time at the big event! Check Off These To-Dos Make sure your hang your tux, suit or prom dress from a sturdy hanger somewhere tall enough that it can fully hang. Give the whole thing a once-over. Any wrinkles? Creases? Folding where it shouldn’t be? You may need to consult your tailor or boutique to ask for proper steaming/pressing advice, so leave enough time to do last-minute retouches. Gather your accessories. Put cufflinks, socks, bow ties, or earrings, necklaces, lingerie, bracelets and shoes all in a single location (and secured […]

Is Tanning Safe for Prom?

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Plunging necklines, cute two-piece packages that bare stomachs, and off-the-shoulder or strapless prom dresses are all daring styles that are popular among this year’s prom dress trends. A great tan would complement each of them, but more and more teens are aware of the long-term consequences of exposure to harmful UV light. If you weren’t born with even, golden skin, is there a safe alternative to tanning for prom? Tanning Beds The American Academy of Pediatrics is pretty firm on this subject – exposure to extra UVR radiation, either from the sun or via a tanning bed is not considered safe for teenagers by pediatricians. While according to the pediatricians’ site, 24% of non-Hispanic, Caucasian teenagers between the ages of 13 and 19 have used a tanning bed at least once, the machines likely increase the chance of developing skin cancer. They emit UVR rays at a rate higher than 10-15 times the rays of the midday sun. Education about protecting ones skin is widespread, yet the rates of skin cancer, especially potentially deadly melanoma, are on the rise. Teens are warned to completely avoid the use of tanning beds, and always use sunscreen and other precautions when outdoors. Sunless […]

Prom Boutonnieres and Corsages – What Do the Flowers Mean?

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One prom tradition that has endured for decades is presenting your date with a boutonniere or corsage. These blooming accessories complement your tux, suit or prom dress. They are gifts, sometimes romantic and sometimes tokens of friendship, and they have a way of making prom feel official. Did you also know that they can tell a story? You see, flowers are often ascribed meanings. A red rose means romance, for example. You would generally give it to someone you love, were dating or wanted to date. What do you do, though, if your date is just a buddy? You want to send the right message and still offer the perfect flowers to coordinate with the perfect prom dress or suit. Knowing the traditional meanings behind each flower can help you make the right choice. The Old Farmer’s Almanac has been published annually since 1792 and includes things that farmers need to know to have successful harvests – weather patterns, soil conditions – along with predictions about the latest fashion trends, popular foods and more. It also contains the traditional meanings of different flowers. As the go-to source of this information, we consulted the almanac to bring you the meanings of […]

Prom 101 – Understanding Rental Contracts

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There is a lot to learn when you first start to plan a prom, and it’s not the kind of stuff you want to learn by trial and error. While a typical student might get to attend two proms, or maybe three, for many it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Whether you’re a teen on a prom committee or a faculty advisor, parent volunteer or administrator, the responsibility for planning the perfect prom goes way beyond finding a great prom dress! One important aspect of planning big events is contracting for rentals you might need. While many schools own basic audio equipment, foldable chairs and tables, portable dais or platforms to use as a stage, fewer stock linen tablecloths, real plates and silverware that might be needed for a catered-style meal, or a tent that might house special festivities. When your needs go beyond your in-house equipment, or you’re just looking for something a little different to upgrade the evening, an event rental or party rental company can be a great resource. Compare Quotes Non-profit agencies, like most schools, usually require that you obtain and compare quotes if you’re going to spend a lot of the organization’s money, so hop online and […]

How to Make Your Prom Makeup Last Longer

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One of the most common fashion and beauty concerns among teenagers who plan to attend prom is how to get the most out of their prom makeup. It can be so frustrating to work hard on your perfect look, only to arrive at prom and find out that your makeup has already worn off and the night hasn’t even begun. Luckily, experts have this one covered. We’ve assembled some of the best advice the internet has to offer to help you make your prom makeup last. Before Prom Lasting makeup starts long before you apply your look. Proper skin care before you ever get to prom day will help a lot. Exfoliate! At least twice each week, get rid of all of the buildup that fills your pores and clogs your skin. – The EveryGirl Moisturize your skin regularly. Dry skin doesn’t like to hold makeup. StyleCaster Day-of Application Tips There are several products like special powders, foundations and sprays that you can employ to help keep your makeup in place and not slipping off your face before the dancing ever starts. Don’t invest all of your time and talents just to have your makeup wear off en route to […]

How to Host a Multicultural Prom

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High schools are increasingly diverse with students representing many cultures sharing the same buildings, but rarely the same experiences. Many forward-thinking schools spend much of the year celebrating this diversity and emphasizing the ways it makes us stronger instead of dwelling on the ways we are divided. Prom is a perfect opportunity to recognize the many cultures in your school. You can do this in a variety of easy, yet significant ways, including: Showcase prom dresses from different cultures at a unity-themed school fashion show or on your school’s news report. You will be amazed at how different and elaborate some dresses will be. Welcome and encourage students to wear formalwear, or at least accents of it, from their home culture. Translate prom invitations into your school’s dominant other languages. This can take a while, so start early. Check translations with a native speaker – don’t simply rely on the often incorrect Google Translate site. Have students make posters in a variety of languages whenever they are making English versions so all students feel included. Involve any language clubs you might have on campus in your efforts to celebrate diversity. Hire a DJ who can play dance music from different […]

Prom Etiquette – What the Experts Say

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In a world where the standards keep changing, couples look very different than they did 20, 30 or 50 years ago, and society is accustomed to a fast-paced, web-based lifestyle that has never existed before, is there any room for etiquette and prom? Is etiquette even a thing anymore? Yes. In fact, some people would argue that in a world where your actions can and WILL be “Insta’d” against you (far more socially devastating than having them held against in you in a court of law!), etiquette can save you from making mistakes you didn’t even know were possible. Now, we don’t claim to be the etiquette police, and you can take or leave “nice advice” as you wish. But we did consult the world of etiquette gurus and collect some of the best available advice to help you socially navigate prom so that your most viral photos is of you looking amazing in one fabulous prom dress, and not some shame-inducing faux pas you will never be allowed to forget. How to Decline Need to turn down a promposal? CosmoGirl and Seventeen.com to the rescue. They warn that the two good reasons to turn someone down are that you’ve […]

That’s “Punny” – Cute Promposal Puns

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It’s the stuff that Instagram and Pinterest is made of – creative, and sometimes genius, promposal posters featuring silly puns asking a serious question – wanna go to Prom? Before you shop for your perfect prom dress or settle on a daring ‘do, win the heart of your dream date with one of these real life promposal puns: You’ve gotta “pizza” my heart – prom? (For the gamer): Stop playing around – wanna go to Prom with me? (For a runner): A thought keeps running through my mind – will you go to Prom with me? Hunting for a prom date – you game? (Baseball themed): Let me pitch you an idea – prom? Any pasta-bility you’d go to prom with me? Stop horsing around and mozy on over to prom with me. (Mountain Dew inspired): I don’t know what I’d “DEW” without you – prom? You “giraffe” me crazy. Want to go to prom? I’m (Star)bursting to go to Prom with you. Will you? (For your soccer player love): I have one goal. It’s a long shot. Will you kick It at prom with me? (More soccer…): I hope I’m not being too “forward,” but my “goal” is to […]