How Major Movies will Influence Prom Fashion in 2018

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What was your favorite movie of 2017? Did you ever stop to think that it might have an impact on what you wear to your prom? One of the biggest influences on prom fashion each year is popular film. In 2017, the influence of Disney’s live action version of Beauty and the Beast was seen in the rise in popularity of ball gown style dresses. The style evolved from prom dresses very similar to Belle’s over-the-top, romantic and sparkly yellow gown to more contemporary 2-piece versions reminiscent of the character’s dress but far sexier and more modern. The movie even inspired French chateau-feel design and décor choices at some proms. It stands to reason, then, that 2017 wasn’t an anomaly – popular film has many different impacts on our lives. How will movies influence prom fashion in 2018? The Greatest Showman Released at the end of 2017, The Greatest Showman hasn’t had a chance yet to influence prom fashion, but many people believe it will! Hugh Jackman’s signature crimson tails might inspire daring young men to put on formal morning coats instead of standard tuxedos. Zendaya’s orchid stretch satin aerialist costume is a definite to inspire prom dresses. The color […]

Prom Style: What You Need to Know Before Your Hair and Makeup Appointments

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If the day of your prom is the first time you’re ever having your hair and makeup done professionally, don’t worry! You’re not alone. Your stylists will take great care of you, but if you’re nervous you can be extra-prepared. Just remember these ideas, as you get ready for the big event: Bring a picture of your prom dress. Knowing the color, cut and style will help your stylists recommend the best makeup shades and hairstyle to complement your dress and achieve the perfect look. Try to find pictures of the hairstyle and makeup you want (or photos of what inspires you) and bring them with you. Check out Pinterest and your favorite fashion blogs. If you see something you like, bookmark it so you can share all of your ideas with your stylists before they begin. Also, feel free to bring pictures of looks you don’t love so your stylists can avoid what you would consider a mistake. Bring your hair accessories with you to your appointment and make sure you show them to the stylist as early in the visit as possible. Don’t wait until the end to spring them on your professional, as many styles need to […]

This Season’s Must-Have Prom Accessories

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Have you already chosen the perfect prom dress? Well now it’s time to shop for the icing on the cake – your set of totally you and completely unique accessories! We tracked down the latest accessories trends to help you consider your options and narrow your search, and we’re confident you’re going to like what you see (we sure do)! Statement Earrings By far the most popular prom accessory for the year is a pair of big, eye-catching and super-bright earrings. From hoops to dangles to knots and tassels, this year’s earrings are meant to be anything but subtle. Choose colors that complement or contrast with your dress, and of course a pair that set off your eyes. Most of all, have a ton of fun with this accessory category because the only rule this year is “there are no rules.” Ear Cuffs or “Crawlers” If cartilage piercings are your thing, you can make your earring statement with a sparkling ear cuff or crawler. Most are metallic with intricate designs, while others include colorful stones and gems. “Drop” Necklaces These popular necklaces look like a circle with one long strand dropping straight down, usually with something like a birthstone or […]

Hottest Prom Trends: Two-Piece Ensembles

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This year’s hottest prom trend comes in two pieces – two piece dresses and formal pantsuits that is. By far the most dramatic and unique of the year’s fashion dos, two-piece dresses allow prom-goers to mix colors, fabrics and features to come up with the perfect personal look. There are many two-piece ensembles to choose from, including: Crop Tops Crop tops are the signature style when it comes to two-pieces this fashion season. If you’re willing to show a little skin, a crop top can be a sexy yet still classy way to do it. Crop tops look great with long or short skirts and even with formal slacks, another one of this year’s unique styles. Lacy and embroidered versions of crop tops are some of the most popular this year. Of course, do check your school’s prom dress code to make sure you comply with all rules. Some are more conservative, or strict than others and you don’t want to accidentally violate a dress code rule and miss your big night. Bold Prints Bold floral print skirts straight off the Fashion Week runways are all the rage in prom wear this season. Short, full floral print skirts in particular […]