40+ Ultimate Prom Songs that Never Go Out of Style

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Choosing music for prom is way easier than choosing the perfect prom dress.  When considering what you’ll put on your play list, you might be surprised to find out that no matter how cutting edge their own collections are, most professional DJs recommend sticking to the classics. Songs that have pleased crowds for decades are still the most likely to fill the dance floor. Names that were familiar to your parents and grandparents like Journey, Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson and Aerosmith top every ultimate prom music list around. Some top prom songs are a little more contemporary. Rihanna was practically born to keep prom goers dancing all night long, and she’s joined by Kesha, Beyonce and Bruno Mars, to name a few. The more familiar the music they are, the more comfortable the majority of people are with dancing to it, which is why DJs keep the classics spinning. These are some of the all-time prom favorites that are still widely in rotation today (clean cuts when available, of course). I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing, Aerosmith Uptown Funk, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars Livin’ on a Prayer, Bon Jovi Cha Cha Slide, Mr. C The Slide Man, Hardino Take […]

How to Host an International Themed Prom

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In a world where many schools have become communities of diverse students from a variety of backgrounds, a theme that encourages teens to learn about each other’s differences and to discover what makes each person and each culture unique is a welcome change. Your prom could be an opportunity to honor special customs, foods, music and dress and encourage students of all backgrounds to look at each other with new respect. Where to Begin Put together a committee that can divide up the responsibilities for the international prom. Find out from your school registrar which different cultures are represented and try to include elements from as many of them as you possibly can in your plans. Reach out to parents from different communities to get input on ways you might include their customs in the workings of your prom. Spread the Message Starting with your invitation, let people know that your prom will be special. Encourage people to choose whatever attire they feel most comfortable wearing – contemporary prom dresses, traditional ethnic clothing, or something in between. Collect samples of dancing music from a variety of cultures too and plan to play it between popular tunes – you’ll be surprised […]

Get the Softest Hands Ever for Prom

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Even couples who aren’t romantically attached – the ones attending prom as just friends – will spend a lot of time holding hands while dancing, posing for photos and making an entrance or exit. If you’re going to spend that much time holding another person’s hands, you certainly want yours to be in top shape, and not rough, scaly or dry. The key to perfect hands is to spend a little time every day removing old, dead skin cells, and replacing them with healing moisture. Over time, your skin will become inviting and smooth, and perfect for prom! Give It Time You can’t have perfect hands overnight. It’s not enough to remember a day or two before prom. You can soak your hands in all the moisturizing hand lotion you want the night before the event, but it still won’t be enough to make a real difference. The softest, healthiest hands start weeks before they are needed. You can never start too early, so don’t wait! Exfoliate Begin with clean hands. Massage an exfoliating scrub or microdermabrasion product to the entire surface of your hands to gently slough off damaged, dirty, dead skin cells. If you prefer natural products, you […]

Choosing Your Perfect Prom Hair Style

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There are so many choices to make for prom, but one says more about your personality than perhaps any other – how you style your hair. The neckline and style of your prom dress, along with your hair length and texture are just a few of the important factors to take into consideration when trying to choose which hair style you’ll wear to prom. Up or Down? The first question you’ll generally need to address is whether you want to wear your hair up and secured away from your face, or down.  Most updos require help, unless you happen to be unusually talented at styling your own hair. This help might be from a professional stylist or a practiced sister, mom, aunt or other friend or relative. Note: There are a ton of tutorials on YouTube that can help someone learn how to style various hairdos. If you choose to go the “DIY” route, practice more than once. Make sure that the technique and products work with your hair. Important Tips for Wearing Your Hair Down A flowing head of curls or sleek, perfectly straight locks can go perfectly with many prom dresses and offer as much (or more) drama […]

What to Look for in a Prom Date

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There is more to choosing a prom date than simply deciding whose tux will go best with your prom dress. Prom can be one of those nights you remember forever, so pairing up with the kind of friend who you want to share those memories with makes who you choose a pretty important decision. If You Can, Choose a Great Friend The excitement of prom is pressure enough for most people. While you may have a wild fantasy about going to the prom with your ultimate crush, don’t discount how stressful it can be to go that route. First there is the painful anticipation of how to ask and when to ask, then that moment when you wait to hear yes or no. If the answer is no, you have to pick up the pieces of your broken heart and if it’s yes, you’ll spend the next several weeks working so hard to try to impress. It’s a lot of work for a party! Think of how much fun it could be if you were planning the big day with one of your best buddies instead? Choose your pre- and post-prom parties for the dynamics and the friends who are […]

Planning a Green Prom

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Have you ever considered throwing a Green Prom? No, not one where everyone wears green prom dresses or marches down a yellow brick road to the Emerald City. Have you put any thought into ways that you can make your prom more environmentally friendly? Today’s young adults are some of the most informed when it comes to the impact that every action we take has on our environment and on our future. The teens of the world are the first to warn against doing things like using disposable straws, wasting water when brushing teeth and even exploring creative alternatives to burning fossil fuels. They have point-and-click access to viral videos exposing the hazards of chemicals in our foods and the very latest statistics. If prom is important to teens, and the earth is important to them as well, it stands to reason that a green prom would be a great way for young people to make a difference. Here are some ideas for turning your prom green! Issue E-Invitations Communication these days is primarily electronic, especially in schools, many of which have gone to 1-to-1 technology arrangements requiring the use of personal devices for all sorts of daily activities. Instead […]

Things You Need to Know When Choosing Your Prom DJ

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Have you ever heard a DJ horror story? Maybe you went to someone’s wedding and the DJ played the wrong first dance, or you remember a time when the DJ wouldn’t get off the dance floor (too busy showing off his moves?). Bad behavior at a mostly-adult function is bad enough – but at a prom it can have serious implications. Whether you’re an adult advisor tasked with choosing a DJ, or a teen helping a committee choose the right entertainer, you have to remember that while they look all grown up dressed in their prom dresses and tuxes, prom-goers are also, mostly, someone else’s teenagers, and certain choices and behaviors won’t be tolerated by any parent. There is liability involved with making the ultimate DJ choice, so you can’t take the decision lightly. Here are some things you really need to keep in mind when choosing a DJ for prom. Not all DJs are created equally. Talent, experience, age, personality, equipment, common sense – all of these things are important to consider when you select your entertainer for prom. Each one is an important ingredient, and choosing one that doesn’t align with your needs can end in DJ disaster. […]

What Color Tux Should You Wear to Prom?

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You always hear a lot about picking the perfect prom dress, but guys have choices too! The traditional black tux – which is actually several different suits in and of itself – is just one option. In fact, men can choose between tuxedos, suits, traditional Scottish quilts, formal military wear and many other options for prom. But consider just the tuxedo today. There are so many different options – single-breasted, double-breasted; peak, shawl or notch lapels; standard tie or bow tie – color is just one of the many choices you’ll have to make.  So where do you start? Color – Jacket and Slacks The traditional tuxedo is all black, but all white and black slacks with a white top are also common choices. Midnight blue is a contemporary look that hints at the traditional without getting too wild. Different shades of grey can look very sophisticated, a little different, but still “inside the box”. Grey tuxedos look incredible with vibrant prom dresses, especially jewel tones like emerald and sapphire. Of course, there are tuxedos for rule breakers and trouble makers too. If you look hard enough, you can find tuxedos in pretty much every color of the rainbow. The […]

How Major Movies will Influence Prom Fashion in 2018

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What was your favorite movie of 2017? Did you ever stop to think that it might have an impact on what you wear to your prom? One of the biggest influences on prom fashion each year is popular film. In 2017, the influence of Disney’s live action version of Beauty and the Beast was seen in the rise in popularity of ball gown style dresses. The style evolved from prom dresses very similar to Belle’s over-the-top, romantic and sparkly yellow gown to more contemporary 2-piece versions reminiscent of the character’s dress but far sexier and more modern. The movie even inspired French chateau-feel design and décor choices at some proms. It stands to reason, then, that 2017 wasn’t an anomaly – popular film has many different impacts on our lives. How will movies influence prom fashion in 2018? The Greatest Showman Released at the end of 2017, The Greatest Showman hasn’t had a chance yet to influence prom fashion, but many people believe it will! Hugh Jackman’s signature crimson tails might inspire daring young men to put on formal morning coats instead of standard tuxedos. Zendaya’s orchid stretch satin aerialist costume is a definite to inspire prom dresses. The color […]

Awesome After Prom Party Ideas

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So, you go to all this work to look incredible and surround yourself with the best friends ever at your prom, then it’s over in just a few hours? If you think that sounds completely unfair, you’re not alone! Many people refuse to let the fun end – and so, the after party was born! After parties are nothing new, and it makes total sense. You’re in the perfect prom dress, your hair and makeup is done, the shoes still rock and you’ve already gathered all of the important players, so no doubt you want the party to rage on. What are the requirements and the possibilities for after prom celebrations? The Host An after party can be hosted by the family of a prom goer, the school, or even a local business like a bowling alley or youth center. They can be as simple as snacks, sodas and karaoke at a private residence, or as elaborate as a private night of celebrating on a luxury yacht. Safety is a top consideration, and parents should do their research before approving attendance at an after party event to ensure that there is no underage drinking or other illegal behavior planned. If […]