Prom Etiquette – What the Experts Say

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In a world where the standards keep changing, couples look very different than they did 20, 30 or 50 years ago, and society is accustomed to a fast-paced, web-based lifestyle that has never existed before, is there any room for etiquette and prom? Is etiquette even a thing anymore? Yes. In fact, some people would argue that in a world where your actions can and WILL be “Insta’d” against you (far more socially devastating than having them held against in you in a court of law!), etiquette can save you from making mistakes you didn’t even know were possible. Now, we don’t claim to be the etiquette police, and you can take or leave “nice advice” as you wish. But we did consult the world of etiquette gurus and collect some of the best available advice to help you socially navigate prom so that your most viral photos is of you looking amazing in one fabulous prom dress, and not some shame-inducing faux pas you will never be allowed to forget. How to Decline Need to turn down a promposal? CosmoGirl and to the rescue. They warn that the two good reasons to turn someone down are that you’ve […]

That’s “Punny” – Cute Promposal Puns

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It’s the stuff that Instagram and Pinterest is made of – creative, and sometimes genius, promposal posters featuring silly puns asking a serious question – wanna go to Prom? Before you shop for your perfect prom dress or settle on a daring ‘do, win the heart of your dream date with one of these real life promposal puns: You’ve gotta “pizza” my heart – prom? (For the gamer): Stop playing around – wanna go to Prom with me? (For a runner): A thought keeps running through my mind – will you go to Prom with me? Hunting for a prom date – you game? (Baseball themed): Let me pitch you an idea – prom? Any pasta-bility you’d go to prom with me? Stop horsing around and mozy on over to prom with me. (Mountain Dew inspired): I don’t know what I’d “DEW” without you – prom? You “giraffe” me crazy. Want to go to prom? I’m (Star)bursting to go to Prom with you. Will you? (For your soccer player love): I have one goal. It’s a long shot. Will you kick It at prom with me? (More soccer…): I hope I’m not being too “forward,” but my “goal” is to […]

Should You Whiten Your Teeth for Prom?

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There are all kinds of products and processes that teens employ to look their best at prom. Some do healthy exercise to add tone to their muscles. Many improve their daily skincare regimens to fight breakouts and trouble spots. Others work on the luster of their hair or grow their nails long and strong. Clean and bright teeth are a priority to many, especially with all of the photos taken at prom. There are many ways to get whiter teeth, including a lot of over-the-counter options and some available only through dentists. Is it a good idea to whiten your teeth for prom? Safety The official word on teens and teeth whitening comes from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. The AAPD recommends against using teeth whitening strips before age 15, or when most teens have lost their baby teeth, primarily due to lack of research on teens using white strips. The active ingredient in commercially available strips is Hydrogen Peroxide which can cause extra sensitivity, especially in baby teeth. If you are under 15, it is best to follow great oral hygiene habits like frequent brushing and flossing and avoiding foods that will stain your teeth. After age 15, […]

Flattering Fabrics for Your Figure

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Anyone who has ever shopped for clothes knows that there are various types of fabric that fall better on some figures than others. Silk, taffeta, velvet, lace – all have a totally different look and feel. Learn which ones are more flattering for your figure type so you can choose your ultimate prom dress. Clingy Fabrics for Smooth Bodies Satin and charmeuse are shiny fabrics that can turn even a gorgeous curvy body into a scary sight because they cling. The light can catch it at the wrong angle and emphasize something you were hoping would go unnoticed. Love satin but feel like it’s a fabric you have to avoid it? Choose a dress that has an overlay of lace, or something flowy and sheer for the best of both worlds and some deliciously deceiving coverage. Conversely, if you have a long, lanky figure without curves, satin or silk can help you project a softer, more feminine look. And if you are blessed with perfect “hourglass figure” curves, with nothing to hide, practically any clingy fabric will look amazing on you. Fabrics with Structure or Substance for “Imperfections” If there is something you perceive as an imperfection (emphasis on the […]

4 DIY Projects that Will Save Your Prom Budget

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You might not think that prom and DIY necessarily go together, but there are actually several things that are doable with the right tools and some patience. Proms are expensive events, sometimes with hidden costs that are out of reach for families or teens on limited budgets. Finding ways to DIY without sacrificing your experience seems tough, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 5 ways you can DIY prom and potentially save some major bucks: Boutonnieres and Corsages Most people won’t experiment with creating their own boutonnieres and corsages for prom, but this is one area where a little practice, and a lot of YouTube viewing can come in quite handy. In order to avoid a Pinterest-fail, make sure you have the right materials, practice in advance, and have a backup plan. A simple rose corsage requires a corsage wristlet (available in multipacks online – have a corsage making party, share your extras, or ask a local florist to sell you on of theirs), green floral tape, some ribbon, a glue gun and real or silk flowers. You might also need a few flower picks to reinforce stems. Your local craft store should have everything you need. Once […]

Hey Prom-Goers! April is Alcohol Awareness Month

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According to Mother’s Against Drunk Driving (MADD), prom season is the time of year when parents worry most about their teens making poor choices about alcohol and driving. They should worry: 4,300 people each year are killed by teens drinking and driving, according to MADD. April is Alcohol Awareness Month, and MADD wants to make sure that you don’t become a statistic – don’t drink at prom or prom-related events like pre-prom and after parties, and never, ever drink and drive. Absolutely nothing ruins prom memories more than the death of a teen while driving to or from the event. The good news is that there are so many ways parents and teens can help prevent needless death, and instead focus on the fun times and lifelong memories you’re supposed to make at prom! Parents – Never Condone Underage Social Drinking While most parents will claim that underage social drinking is bad, too many tolerate alcohol use when it is at home, like at pre-prom or after parties that happen at private residences. This sends the signal that there are times when underage drinking is okay, and promotes the use of alcohol to accentuate social experiences like prom. Fact – […]

4 Things You Didn’t Realize You Could Ask Your Prom Venue to Do

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Booking a venue for prom might be something that is very new to you, especially if you are part of a prom committee (student or adult) and you don’t throw big parties every day. Venue negotiations, contracts and follow through are kind of confusing, and a little harder to navigate than, say, choosing the perfect prom dress. One aspect of booking a venue that comes as a surprise to many newbies is that there a some things your venue may be willing to do or include that may sweeten your deal and give you a better prom. Those things include: Provide (Some) Décor Items: after many events, venues get to keep random décor items that party hosts don’t want to lug home. Some sales managers will keep these items in an organized closet or storage space. If you ask nicely and behave like a model prom committee, they may be willing to lend you some of this décor, which most often includes things like hurricane glass candle covers, artificial flowers or greenery, lanterns, candles and fabric for draping. You can save a lot of your prom budget by borrowing the basics then customizing the look, rather than starting from scratch. […]

Things You Need for Prom: A Timeline

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Creating an event timeline may seem like way less fun than choosing your prom dress or planning an after party. However, what the whole thing lacks in excitement, it makes up for in sheer usefulness. A timeline gives an event organizer or prom committee a minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour agenda for your party, helping you make decisions and avoid huge mistakes. How to Create a Prom Timeline Begin with the earliest thing that will happen on your prom day (or even, possibly, a day or two before). This could be equipment rental delivery, dance floor installation, arrival or the DJ, or room setup. Then, pretend like you are actually walking through the days and hours that follow. What is happening when you visualize the day unfolding? Is someone signing for delivery? Who is it and when? Record the information on your timeline. Does someone with school keys need to open the gym? Record that. Anytime a specific adult needs to be present with money, keys or the right to sign for delivery, you need that information on paper with the name of the responsible party next to it. If you are part of a prom committee, someone has the contracts (or, you […]

How to Throw a Prom Fit for Royalty

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In May, England’s Prince Harry will marry American actress Meghan Markle in what promises to be yet another fairytale royal wedding. The power couple has been on the minds of both pro and amateur event planners all year long. There is just something magical about royal events and incorporating elements of the Queen’s court into all kinds of celebrations, including proms. The fit is natural: think “prom court,” “prom king,” “prom queen.” This is the year to embrace tradition and plan a Royal Themed prom. Fashion Encourage prom goers to think royal when choosing their attire. Ladies can wear sleeveless ball gown style prom dresses with full skirts, corseted bodices and sweetheart necklines. The guys might choose to sport tails, either black tie for an ultra formal look or a grey morning suit version just to look dapper and play the part of prince. Décor Turn your venue into a palace. Whether you are starting with a cold school gym or a generic hotel ballroom, you have to add your own personal touches to achieve a royal look. Drape fabric in swags over the dance floor to draw guests’ eyes to the center of all of the fun. Or, start […]

Short and Sassy: Choosing Petite Prom Dresses

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No two bodies are ever totally alike, but girls who are shorter in stature have special considerations when choosing their perfect prom dresses. Some styles are more flattering than others, and fashion experts have a wealth of suggestions for fitting petite junior and senior prom-goers to help them make the best choices. Among those suggestions, are: Avoid mermaid-style dresses and full-sequined gowns. You might consider a skirt with a slit to elongate your body. Choose a sweetheart neckline to draw attention to your upper body. If you like prints, choose a small print so the pattern won’t overwhelm you. Try wearing an asymmetrical skirt – they are more forgiving and give an illusion of falling at the right place, even if their actual fit isn’t perfect. V-necks and scoop necks make you look taller. Pair a short dress (above the knee) with sexy high heels for the illusion of height. Look to petite celebrities for inspiration. Don’t hide your legs! Long gowns will make you look shorter, so try a shorter style for the best results. Afraid you have to wear a tall up-do to add height to your overall look? If you choose the right dress, you can wear […]