Haunted: Halloween-Inspired Prom Ideas

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Most proms are in the spring, but there are formal events that take place in fall, not to mention poetic license that allows prom committees to choose any popular theme they want for their own event. On this night of frights we were inspired to think of some Halloween-inspired prom ideas to make your formal even more fun.

Glow-in-the-Dark Accessories

Just a little glow-in-the-dark action can really transform a dance. Purchase glow bracelets, necklaces and rings and distribute them as your prom guests arrive. By the time the dance floor darkens, guests will be ready to party complete with flashy accessories.

(Monster) Mash-Up

If you have too many good ideas for your prom theme, do the mash … mash up more than one and come up with something totally unique. Torn between Zombie Apocalypse and A Night in Paris? Make your theme a Zombie Apocalypse in Paris (for the record, this is a terrible prom theme!).

Modern Masquerade

Revive an era when formal dances were the realm of the rich and concealing your identity with an elaborate mask was en vogue. Think of the possibilities. If you love DIY, you could make your own mask to match your perfect prom dress with all the bling you desire. Create a theme with your best pals and incorporate a signature motif in each of your masks. Make your creations glow in the dark. Hold a Best Mask contest. Use your masterpieces for selfies or in a photo booth – there are so many ways to increase intrigue and have a “ball” with a masquerade theme.

Harvest Haunts

One of the best parts of a Halloween theme is how easy and inexpensive it is to decorate. Completely transform you gym, community center or hotel ballroom by bringing in bales of hay, scarecrows dressed in your school colors, and other harvest-season hallmarks. A carved pumpkin glowing on each table makes a great, inexpensive centerpiece. Ask your most talented student artists to put their spin on their own Pinterest-worthy jack-o-lantern. It’s easy to incorporate twinkling Christmas-style lights to make a starry night background. Choose whether or not to go full-on spooky or take a classier approach based on your overall theme.

Halloween and prom may not seem like soulmates at first, but the two themes can go together surprisingly well. If you have a formal event in fall and are looking for a theme, don’t be afraid to use Halloween as an inspiration.

Would you consider throwing a Halloween prom?

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