Fashion Week 2019 Formalwear Predictions

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Each year the world’s most influential designers gather at Fashion Week to reveal on the runways what we can expect to be the hottest trends the following spring. This is where prom dress styles are born. Fashion Week 2019 forecasted an exciting collection of throw-back, retro styles and new twists that will make next year’s proms and formal dances interesting places to see and be seen.

In Vogue’s Fashion Week recap, editors highlighted some of the styles that emerged from the big event. Included among them were:

  • Tiered Dresses and Skirts – multiple layers of different lengths, applied to skirts, dresses, jackets, tops and more
  • The Tuxedo Dress – imagine the tuxedo jacket extended into a mini-dress if you can
  • Patterns and Bold Florals – these will remain popular in 2019, so grab them at an end-of-season sale now for a great deal

Other strong style trends for 2019 formal wear include:

  • Two-piece dresses: this trend is here to stay for the new year
  • Southeast-Asian inspired patterns and cuts
  • Elaborate beading and embroidery
  • Metallic-fabrics
  • One-shoulder designs
  • Mini-dresses with a “pouf” skirt
  • Feather accents and fringe
  • Thigh-high slits
  • Asymmetrical skirts
  • Daring plunging necklines

This season’s dresses are vibrant in color and completely stunning. Many are quite sporty with halter necklines, yet they are still very feminine. Each has a look with a connection to the past, but a thoroughly modern slant. We love the variety of colors, including tangerine and turquoise, white, butter yellow and a selection of retro paisleys and prints.

Built-in features like super-wide belts and capes increase visual interest, but most of the spring 2019 dresses stand beautifully on their own. Strappy high heels are still by far the most popular footwear to accompany nearly every style.

If you’re starting to look ahead to Prom 2019, these are the trends to watch. Which ones intrigue you most? Which do you hope your favorite online or local boutique will feature in the spring? We are almost as excited as you are to find out!

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