Could There Be a 90s Prom Dress in Your Future?

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Recent high-profile fashion events made some striking predictions for formalwear trends set to strike in 2019. Designers are looking to the 90s – the era of many of today’s high school parents, for inspiration! This throwback is bound to not only entertain your parents but may even make some of their prom dresses and suits the perfect choices for you!


One of the single most dominant trend shifts seen at Spring Fashion Week was the use of velvet. Full-length and in a variety of silhouettes, velvet dresses are, indeed back. Velvet bodices with satin skirts, mermaid-style sheaths of velvet, and velvet dresses with lace bodices are all popular variations on a theme. One fun combination pairs a velvet sheath with a playful ruffled skirt. Velvet had a revival in the 1990s as well, though it was restricted mostly to darker shades like navy and black. Today’s dresses come in vibrant royal blue, burgundy, emerald green, purple and even white.

Floral Print

Every self-respecting young woman in the 90’s owned something floral. Bold-print flower fabrics have come raging back over the past few years and may peak in 2019. Two piece dresses with one solid against one floral are in high demand, and floral-themed dresses are available in just about any length and silhouette. Additionally, strong patterns feature significantly in the next major 90s throwback trend for 2019: ball gowns.

Princess-Style Ball Gowns

Whether you grew up emulating the Disney-esque princesses or enjoying their irony, there is no denying that prom dresses that could easily double if you happen to get swept away by a prince are top of the market again. Puff sleeves, tulle, chiffon – big is better and these dresses make a statement in just about every possible shade. They are often embellished with sequins, rhinestones, and embroidery. There is nothing simple about 2019 ball gowns, so gather your tiara, find yourself a magic pumpkin and get ready to make an entrance!

Whether your raid your mom’s closet, bring new life to a vintage dress, or simply choose something new that is inspired by fashion past, get ready to party like it’s 1999 (or maybe 1994) because the 90’s have come back to prom!

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