Would You Wear It? Prom Dress Trends That Leave Us Thinking, “Hmm”

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A look at Fashion Week for 2019 offers some cool insights into coming trends that make sense – Megan Markel clearly had her influence on formalwear, which we all knew was a foregone conclusion. There are the typical avant garde, “absolutely no normal human being is ever going to try that trends,” and an obvious lack of pret-a-porter finds that will eventually trickle into every department store and boutique influenced by even the craziest of styles.

Then there are the ones that make us shake our heads because we know with certainty that they’ll end up hanging on the racks of bridal stores and online shops, but we have to wonder how many of you are ready to really embrace them.

So, here are some “would you wear it” fashion trends from Fashion Week 2019 and the predictions of what will be hot in 2019.


Usually reserved for superheroes, classic witches (the broom type), and Little Red Riding Hood, a major trend to emerge from Fashion Week is the cape. In terms of formalwear, we see both the heavy winter type that you might think of when you envision riding in a wintry horse-and-carriage scene. Some are actually built into dresses, made of trailing illusion lace, or sheer fabric. Is this a feature you can’t wait to try?

Eighties Shoulders

We’ll be honest, this one seemed to unlikely to come back for more than just a couple of decades. The broad, boxy 80’s shoulder is predicted to return and even end up in formalwear (yikes). Shoulder pads at the same proms as two-piece, slinky strapless ensembles? Can they even be in the same room together? It will be interesting to see!

Fake Furs

There are few among the younger set who remember the long era of real furs, much to the relief of many an animal lover and baby seal. But fake furs are set to sweep back into popularity in the fashion-forward world. After so many decades of any kind of fur (real, fake or unknown) being an affront to most viewers, will fake furs be welcomed back into proms?  Will fake, fur, and some other yet-to-be-determined handle make it into your hashtags?

Hologram Fabrics

Okay, now we just can’t … or we can if you insist? Hologram fabrics are predicted to be extra hot in 2019. While we might think they are the equivalent of wearing shiny survival gear, will you think hologram dresses are just amazing? It was your grandparents who invented the Jetsons and predicted you’d be driving flying cars by now, so we suppose it’s not too far out there. But really?

Fashion Week has brought up some typically bizarre combinations that we are interested in watching, and know will come to prom in some form or another. Parkas, scarf prints, moon boots, modern hippie and leopard print are among the others. What are you looking forward to in 2019? And would you really wear styles inspired by some of the more out there trends?

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