Best Prom How-To Articles for DIY Lovers

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The price of prom can be overwhelming for some. Even if you get a great deal on a prom dress, you still need accessories, transportation, shoes, flowers and more. At the school level, just securing a venue can drive up the cost of prom tickets. Sometimes there’s not much left for décor and ambiance.

There are many things you can do on your own that can save you money and have a big impact on prom night. Pinterest is full of thousands of ideas – we’ve pulled together a selection of some of our favorites, along with some of the hottest trends in DIY.

Make Your Own Boutonnieres: Everything you need to know from what materials to buy, to specific construction directions, complete with step-by-step photos.

Hula Hoop Chandeliers: If you’re in charge of decorations for prom, you might consider these beautiful and easy-to-assemble hula hoop chandeliers. Just make sure you consult your custodial or facility staff, or your venue management to make sure it’s okay to suspend them from the ceiling at the event.

DIY Gazebo: If you want to go overboard with a small lounge space or a cool picture spot, use fabric to make one of these neat DIY Gazebos.

Bicycle Wheel Backdrop: Elegant-looking, available materials and you can always donate them to your local elementary school for their next Bike to School day!

Paper Flowers Backdrop: Get a group of like-minded DIY-ers together to make paper flowers or tissue paper pom-poms (both hot design trends) to use as décor at prom.

Bedazzle a Clutch: Many people don’t realize how much accessories can cost and how they add to the prom bottom line. Find yourself an inexpensive and plain purse and turn it into a positively fabulous formal clutch. The same article shares tips for making your own ties, tiaras, flower accessories, cufflinks, bracelets and more.

Your Own Makeup Like a Pro: Salon services are awesome when you can afford them, but if pro makeup is outside your budget, follow these tips to get picture-perfect results on your own.

Peace of Mind: In the form of a perfectly packed clutch/emergency kit.

What about you? What kind of DIY are you planning for your prom?

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