Prom DIY: 6 Ways to Use a Hot Glue Gun to Prep for Prom

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The hot glue gun may be the handiest little tool ever invented, especially when it comes to expressing your personal creativity for prom. We challenged ourselves to think of several ways a hot glue gun would make getting ready for your dance easier and less expensive, and it wasn’t difficult at all.

Warm up your favorite hot glue gun and try any of the following!

  1. Craft your own boutonniere and corsage – simple step-by-step instructions are available on numerous websites if you want to try your hand at making your own personal flowers for prom. Just a dab of hot glue can hold on flower stems, greens, and extra touches like ribbon selected to match your prom dress. In fact, hot glue can help keep an entire corsage or boutonniere together, especially if you’ve never assembled one before.
  2. Add bling to your shoes. Whether you go with a few tasteful rhinestones or you completely cover your shoes, you can add a bit of extra glimmer with the help of an inexpensive glue gun. Save yourself hundreds of dollars on fancy designer shoes encrusted with crystals and instead, create your own!
  3. Create a custom clutch to match your prom dress. There are lots of ways to turn an inexpensive, ordinary purse into a celeb-worthy prom dress clutch. Start by searching thrift stores, craft stores or shopping clearance sales to find a purse that has the right shape and size that you’re looking for. Use your trusty hot glue gun to add feathers, rhinestones or other faux jewels, sequins, beads or crystals and enjoy something that is uniquely yours designed just for you.
  4. Decorate a vase. On the prom décor committee and need inexpensive ideas to liven up the look of your soiree? Purchase bulk or discount store glass vases and add pretty embellishments with your glue gun. Mosaic tiles, marbles, tiny sections of faux flowers, jewels, ribbons, buttons and more all make great additions to vases and add a custom look to your table arrangements.
  5. Photo Backdrops. Pretty much every form of photo backdrop style, from tissue paper flowers to hula hoop wreaths requires the generous use of hot glue to keep the pieces together. Thankfully, hot glue tends to release easily from many unpainted surfaces, so you can feel comfortable experimenting with it until everything looks amazing.
  6. Add extra details to Prom Invitations or Tickets. If you’re sending out particularly fancy prom invitations, you can add a ribbon, a small crystal, a feather or other accent with a small dab of hot glue.

What other ways would a hot glue gun help you prepare for your prom? Share in the comments below!

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