Avoiding Prom Extremes

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One of the best pieces of advice we’ve heard for teens considering going to their proms is to avoid prom extremes. While it could be one of the best nights of your high school life, the truth is that prom is just one night. Finding a balance between excitement and anticipation, and over-the-top obsessions is key to avoiding what could amount to a huge, expensive letdown.

Some examples of avoiding prom extremes include:

Asking vs. Promposing

Instagram may have you convinced that in order to be valid, a simple, “Will you go to prom with me?” could never suffice. In fact, however, most people don’t order custom, “Will you?” pizzas, hire skywriters, plan balloon rides (He can’t say no suspended 500 feet above the ground, right? Wrong.), choreograph stage productions, hire a flash mob or do most of the things you see online. Most people simply as a friend face-to-face if they will go to prom with them – and a whole lot of people say yes. It’s silly to break the bank, and downright ridiculous to risk breaking a bone over a dance.

And just because he or she doesn’t plan an epic promposal, doesn’t mean he or she really doesn’t care. It just means you have a sensible prom date that you can respect and admire.

Good Skin Care vs. Cosmetic Procedures

Seeing your dermatologist, having a facial a few weeks before prom, and regular good cleaning, exfoliation and replacement of lost moisture are all normal approaches to keeping your skin healthy, radiant, and as blemish-free as you can before prom.

Botox, tattooed makeup, most skin lightening (unless to address a medical need), and other permanent or dramatic modifications are too much for one night. Be smart!

Pretty Dress vs. Custom Designer Gown

As long as you feel great and look your personal best, you will love your pictures, have a great time with your date and friends, and just generally soak in the magic of your own perfect prom. You can find affordable prom dresses through reputable online sources and local retailers. You don’t need to hire a finalist from a runway design competition to hand-bead you a couture, custom design that costs more than college. Focus less on the price tag and more on overall effect, and save some of your hard-earned cash for future needs, like, um … eating?

Avoiding Tan Lines vs. Commercial Tanning

It’s natural to want your skin to glow at prom, and to want to avoid tan lines if your dress is strappy or backless. But it’s ludicrous to jeopardize your own health in the long-term just to have golden brown skin. Instead of going to a tanning salon to add rays to your skin, try staying out of for the weeks leading up to prom. You’ll keep your skin healthy and looking better over time, and won’t have to cope with distracting lines from your time in the sun.

These are just a few of the ways that teens are rumored to go overboard for prom. Trust us. Prom is a night for fun and friendship. Period. Make sane choices that you won’t have to confess 30 years from now on Facebook Senior Edition, and just have a safe, great time!

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