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It’s a common misconception that homeschooled kids miss out on all of the best social experiences common to a school-based education experience. In fact, the face of modern homeschooling has changed significantly.

There are a variety of reasons a family might choose to homeschool. Some prefer maintaining control over a curriculum for religious or idealistic purposes. Some feel that the quality of education in a homeschool setting is higher than what is available at private or public schools. Others have behavioral, emotional or social concerns, live too remotely to make school easily accessible or travel so often that it doesn’t make sense to enroll and withdraw students constantly.

Rather than tackle an entire curriculum, there are many families these days who join homeschool groups, organizations or academies that work together flexibly to help extend the opportunities for students to share learning experiences and social gatherings.

Some of these groups even host annual homeschool proms!

What does a homeschool prom look like? While many homeschool groups are more socially conservative than the average public school and may have stricter modesty guidelines, there are others that are welcoming to all students from the local homeschool community and their dates. You’ll find tuxedoes, fancy prom dresses, dancing, photography, and fun just like any other prom.

Some even have cool themes, like this “Find 007” Virginia Homeschool Prom.

Dress codes are common at nearly all proms, and it’s reasonable to expect that the majority of events available to homeschooled students will require compliance with modesty standards. Very often there will be a skirt-length requirement, as well as guidelines given about how low cut (both front and back) a dress can be and how high any slit can rise as well. Casual clothing like jeans, tennis shoes and the like are usually also banned. Students are usually pretty conscientious about these rules and parents certainly appreciate them.

In general, you can expect homeschool proms to be a bit smaller in size, well-chaperoned and diverse in that participants come from a broader regional area, not a single school community. Many are totally totally sold-out affairs and highly anticipated each year by the teenage set. Mostly, they are pure fun and proof that homeschoolers do value their social lives and approach them as they do many things in life, with a remarkable sense of creativity and ingenuity.

There is no need to miss out on a traditional teen rite of passage, no matter what your schooling experience is. Homeschool proms are great opportunities to make amazing memories with like-minded friends from your circle.

Are you a homeschool student? Would you attend or have you attended a homeschool prom?

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