10 Things You Should Never Do at Prom

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Continuing with our sage advice, we present to you, 10 things you should never do at prom (you’re welcome).


  1. Take wild photos that you will regret.

The internet does not forget anything, and your future employers know this. “Losing that 6-figure salary because I thought that photo at prom would be funny is awesome,” said no one, ever.

  1. Embarrass Your Friends or Your Date.

Requires no explanation, but here’s a reminder anyway: Karma will get you.

  1. Worry if someone else is wearing the same prom dress.

Once upon a time, a certain blog writer attended a certain prom wearing a certain dress – the exact same dress as at least seven other girls wore. No kidding. There is still video. The thing is, she looked amazing in the dress, and her date could not have cared less. So, now it’s referred to as the “Year of the black velvet dress with the white lace collar,” and we have a good laugh. The only people for whom it was permanently scarring are the people who would not allow themselves to get over it that night. Take a picture with your dress twins and MOVE on.

  1. Sit or stand on the sidelines when what you really want to do is dance like you’re dancing with the stars!

It’s one of the surest ways to set yourself up for a lifetime of regret. In truth, you’re far more likely to regret what you didn’t do than what you did (as long as you are acting safely, of course).

  1. Flirt with someone who is not your date.

It’s hurtful, can damage your friendship and is just a jerky thing to do. Oh yeah. And Karma.

  1. Dance the last dance with someone other than your date.

He or she will NEVER forget and every time you so much as blink on social media, will find a way to remind you, Mark … I mean total blog reader stranger. No issues to see here.

  1. Do anything you wouldn’t do in front of your parents, or you wouldn’t want your parents to see on social media.

‘Cause – phones. Someone WILL post it and you will be so much worse off than if you had just resisted the urge to do something inappropriate or stupid to begin with.

  1. Ghost on your date.

Big etiquette fail! You chose him or her. He or she is yours for the prom. If you can’t accurately answer the “Where’s your date?” question, you have failed this advice miserably and you should hang your head in shame.

  1. Feel obligated to stay with anyone who isn’t acting safely.

It’s their foolishness and their safety at risk. If you’ve tried persuading them to stop without luck, you’ve done your part. Call your parents or contact a chaperone if you need to. It’s okay to walk away. Better to live another day.

  1. Wear those painful shoes the whole time.

After the formalities and the photos, ditch ‘em. Just don’t lose them!

And those are our 10 tips for what NOT to do during prom!

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