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Apps are the perfect complement to pre- and post-prom party planning! There are so many out there designed to help you make the hard stuff easier. You will go through enough choosing your prom dress, getting your hair and makeup done, and keeping all the necessary details straight at prom. Why not make your associated partiers easier and more fun? Here are just a few of the thousands of apps available that could help you plan your pre-prom and after-party fun.


Create and send e-invites to your pre- and post-prom parties with apps like Evite. Online invitations are less expensive than printed versions, easier to manage in terms of sending and RSVP tracking, and are environmentally responsible.


If your prom is not a dinner event, use OpenTable to find someplace really cool to take your date before the big event. Alternatively, parents, use OpenTable to make a reservation at a restaurant where you can all kick back and relax knowing that most of your prom drama is over!

Speaking of food, why not use an app to help with catering your pre-prom party or after party? Many restaurants have apps that fuel the catering side of their businesses, so it’s easy to hop online, order for the right number of guests and get electronic confirmation that your order went through. You can also earn reward points on many restaurant apps that are valuable long after prom. You deserve a treat after putting together a great party, right?

PandoraAmazon MusiciTunes

Every party needs tunes, right? With Pandora, Amazon Music and iTunes you have everything from totally free (albeit with ads) to affordable options for your pre- and post-prom events. Choose a genre on Pandora and take your chances with an eclectic mix, or pre-select your specific songs with a paid subscription or purchases on Amazon or iTunes. Rental companies can connect you with speakers appropriate for a larger group for a reasonable fee. Smaller parties require only a simple set of BlueTooth speakers, available affordably at many stores.


Beyond music, apps can help you add a bit of extra fun to any party. Play charades or “What Am I?” with app generated options late into the night as you decompress from the big event. Or, how about a little karaoke? Set up a photo backdrop and add filters to silly photos of you and your friends (just remember, once Insta’d, forever Insta’d). Share and edit your video clips together for an instant piece of memorabilia. There are lots of ways to leverage the glory of the digital era for fun before and after prom.

If you can’t think of at least a dozen ways you could use apps to make your pre- and post-prom events better, more exciting and more fun, you’re not trying. So grab your SmartPhone or mobile device and set to work! You’ve got parties to plan!

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