Best Hair & Makeup Apps for Prom

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There is an app for pretty much everything these days, so it makes sense that they could theoretically revolutionize the whole prom planning experience. We have searched far and wide for the best apps for prom and found so many that we find it necessary to create a series. To kick off that series, we begin with something fun – the best hair and makeup apps for prom.

Prom hair and makeup apps fall into a handful of categories, each with their own special personalities and sometimes twisted results. These are some of the big names in mobile technology to help you design your prom look.

Virtual Makeovers

Not sure whether you should choose cool tones or warm earthy shades of makeup to complement your prom dress? Try a virtual makeover app. Some of the most popular include YouCam Makeup Magic, L’Oreal Makeup Genius and Sephora Makeup & Skincare. These apps allow you to try out different color combinations and finishes on photos of you so you don’t have to spend one whole evening applying and removing layer after layer of real makeup samples. With virtual makeovers you can feel free to go wild with any color combination imaginable, without investing in enough makeup to keep a clown in business.

Hair Color Apps

Similarly, apps that let you play with different hair color options can save you months of embarrassing, “it looked more natural on the box,” conversations. Go extreme or stay subtle – instead of waiting weeks, you can undo with a click. Hair Color Changer and Hair Color Photobooth consistently get some of the better ratings among the apps in this genre, but there are many more from which to choose. Before you pull on the latex gloves and settle in for a night of hair color fun, try out different shades virtually with a hair color app.

Hair Style Apps

Wondering if you would look better in an updo or with long wavy locks? Thinking about getting a whole new cut and style before prom? Save yourself expensive hours or agony in the salon by first trying virtual hairstyles via free and low-cost hair style apps. Hairstyle try On, Hairstyle Makeover and YouCam’s Makeover app are all popular with reasonable ratings, and are just a few from a very large selection of sites. You might want to choose one geared towards men, or even one that specializes in giving you the same hairstyle as your favorite celebrities. Play around with your look as much or as little as you want, and then share your results with your hair stylist. It’s always good to have an idea of what you’re looking for before you’re sitting in the stylist’s chair.

What kind of makeover apps are you planning to use before prom? Will you share your photos with your friends, or keep them as a surprise (and in some cases, to prevent you from making a big mistake before the big day)? Which makeover apps have worked best for you?

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