Can It Be Love without Skywriting? The Truth about Promposals

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Social media has opened up our world to new possibilities – information at your fingertips, ideas galore, and videos that practically turn you into an expert hairstylist, cosmetologist or nuclear physicist (Disclaimer – clearly YouTube cannot really turn you into ANY of those things!).

However, it has also created an unrealistic universe in which we are all held up to Pinterest and Insta-Perfect standards. The #nofilter movement maybe even makes it worse. At least before #nofilter we could blame the filters for making everyone else’s lives look perfect when we knew in our heart of hearts that ours were so not.

Reality Check

It’s time that we engage in one huge reality check. No one is perfect. No one has everything. While she may look great in her perfect prom dress, she might be insecure about her braces, or her dancing, or maybe her family’s finances. While he sprang for the most expensive limousine he could find, he might be struggling with graduating on time or his parents might be facing divorce. You simply can’t judge the perfection of a person’s life against pictures on an Insta account or the size of his or her promposal.

Love without The Bells and Whistles?

And that brings us to today’s advice – just because your prom date didn’t descend down a Heaven-sent cloud escalator with a butler bearing a bottle of sparkling cider in crystal glasses, inviting you to take a hot-air balloon ride and reciting poetry when he asked you to prom doesn’t mean you aren’t one of the most amazing people he’s ever met. The grandeur with which you are asked to prom is often simply a reflection of a person’s flair for the dramatic or need for attention.

Personal Is, Well, More Personal

A personal, one-on-one, face-to-face and genuine request to go to prom is actually so much harder to pull off and in many ways far more meaningful than the biggest musical production or flash mob promposal known to mankind. The intimacy of someone working up the nerve to ask you to do be his or her date to prom – something really important to this person and at the great risk of you saying no – is far more romantic and sweet (and in some cases sane) than any big show.

While it’s really fun to watch over-the-top prom invitations online, try to think of them like the movies. When you swim at the beach, you certainly don’t expect for a giant shark to engulf you, your car and your entire family, then grow legs and become a dreaded land villain. Hopefully, you don’t stop playing a racing game on one of your {insert latest gaming technology here} then go out and try to “glide” around corners on the highway (if you do, stop!). The more integrated our lives become with technology, the more we have to make an effort to remember what the difference is between reality and make-believe.

So, can it be love without skywriting? Of course, it can. Some would argue that it’s more likely to be love if your prospective prom date works up the courage to risk it all and simply ask you for a yes or no. Stop obsessing about the “optics” and start focusing on what is meaningful and real, and we promise you will be much happier all the way around.

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