4 Things Every Guy Should Do before Prom

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While it’s true that the ladies and their epic prom dresses get a lot of the attention and focus leading up to the big day, guys are equally as important to the equation! And from the looks of the Facebook pages of men who attended their proms 20 and 30 years ago, the memories last just as long for men as they do for women. Nostalgia doesn’t discriminate.

That said, don’t men deserve to have the best time, look their best, feel their best and be as prepared as much as women do?

So, while these pampering tips might not have been on your radar before today, we highly recommend you consider them as you prepare for your amazing prom experience!

Have a Facial

We know teens can be plagued by acne and skin issues, so great skincare is one of the best ways you can possibly prepare for prom. Salons are no longer the exclusive territory of women – many feature a whole menu of options for guys too. And once you’ve been treated with kid gloves, you’ll be addicted for life.

You can start with a dermatologist or at a reputable spa, just make sure you do so early. The first time you have a facial treatment your skin might have an extreme reaction which could lead to redness or irritation for a couple of days (which usually fades into absolute radiance). Don’t experiment in the last 5-7 days leading up to prom!

Let your technician know what your problem areas are, what you would like to improve and what kind of home care you’re willing to follow up with. He or she will do the rest!

Get Your Brows Waxed or Trimmed

You might resist the idea, but it doesn’t hurt that much, and you will be AMAZED at the results. Don’t worry – they’re not going to give you two wispy lines and compromise your masculine appearance! However, just cleaning up the edges, eliminating the uni-brow and giving you a little shape can make your appearance cleaner and neater, and increase your confidence tremendously. Frankly, most people won’t even know what you had done, but they will notice that something about you is just even more awesome than usual.

Touch Up Your Haircut

Again, this is one of those things you should not do the day-of unless your go-to style is “shave it all off.” If your stylist cuts it too short, or you don’t love your new look, you need a few days to grow it out. Depending on how fast your hair grows, and how extreme you plan to make your next cut, allow at least a week or so between your hair appointment and prom so you know you look your best.

Yes Sir – It’s Time for a Mani/Pedi

You might think we’ve lost it by now, but no joke – a manicure and pedicure can be magical, and your date will be oh, so appreciative. This is an event where you’re 99% guaranteed to have to touch someone else’s hands – make it an experience for all the right reasons! You can easily tame rough hands and uneven nails with a professional manicure (don’t worry – you won’t be forced to polish!). And as for the pedicure – well, that just feels really, really good, and you know you’ll be on your dancing feet all night!

You might also consider a massage or other spa treatments – the options are endless and most spas, salons, and cosmetologists are welcoming more and more men every year. Just give it a try – we think you’ll be a fan for life!

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