Everything You Need to Know about Renting a Tuxedo for Prom

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Have you ever rented a tuxedo before? If the answer is no, and prom will be your first venture into the world of formalwear, you definitely aren’t alone. Not too many social gatherings require the formality of dress that a tuxedo satisfies, so unless you have been part of many wedding parties, or happen to live a very fancy lifestyle, you probably aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of renting tuxedos. That’s okay! It’s something that can be mastered pretty easily, and definitely in time for prom.

Plan Ahead

You don’t need to order a tuxedo six months in advance, but it also doesn’t work to try to secure one the day of prom. Talk to your prom date and find out what she’ll be wearing if you can. Coordinating accessories like bow ties and vests is easier if you at least know the color of her prom dress. While you can ask for her feedback about the style of your tux, etiquette doesn’t technically require that you consult or obtain your date’s approval. However, harmony and a happy date might be more likely if you do!

Gather Some Ideas First

Before your tuxedo fitting, check out the latest styles online. Are you a traditional kind of guy or do you like to make a statement everywhere you go? The minimum requirement for most proms is a single or double-breasted standard tuxedo – like a super-fancy suit. Traditionally, black has been the most popular color, but navy tuxes have really taken the fashion world by storm lately.

If you feel like going a little crazy with your look, you could add a white jacket to black tuxedo pants, or even choose a completely white tuxedo. A top-hat and tails will scream, “Notice Me!” as will any tux in a color other than black or white.

Consider Your Footwear

Tuxedo rentals usually include shoes, but beware. They are rarely comfortable and certainly not meant for four hours of non-stop tail-shaking on the dance floor. You might want to invest in your own pair of shoes (there are many, many styles to choose from) and plan to break them in before the big night. Some guys will throw all fashion rules out and wear tennis shoes or converse, but we highly recommend choosing shoes appropriate to the formality of your tux.

Note! Tuxedo rentals almost never come with SOCKS. You need to provide your own, and it looks really, really silly when this is neglected.

Choose a Convenient Pickup/Drop Off Schedule

If possible, try to choose a pickup date at least 48 hours prior to your prom. If something comes in the wrong style or size, there will still be time to change it out and order a replacement piece. Likewise, pay attention to the return date you are given. Late returns can be costly, so choose a date when you or your parents will be available to take back your rented items on time.

You may feel some apprehension now but worry not. Men have been renting tuxedos for decades. The process is made to be easy on you so all you have to do is worry about looking great!

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