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Guys, this one’s for you!

So often, prom marketing and research is focused on the ladies. Just read any prom blog to confirm that it’s true – How can you find the perfect prom dress? What should you carry in your prom clutch? What are the latest trends in jewelry, hair, makeup, accessories?

Not to say that guys aren’t interested in the fashion or fun of a prom – we know that there are many of you out there who are! Traditionally, however, the media, marketers and even moms (and dads) have focused prom attention on girls.

Well, we plan to step out of that box, not just today, but more often in general. We know young men have at least as many questions about their prom experience as ladies do, and we’re more than happy to answer them.

Do I Have to Prom-Pose?

Take the promposal, for example. Over the past decade or so it has become a HUGE part of the prom narrative. Elaborate, funny, touching, dangerous, silly, funky and frankly creepy “will you go to the prom with me” scenarios have shown up all over social media. You can’t open Insta for a second in prom season without seeing yet another “clever” way to ask your darling to go to the prom with you.

Of course, the majority of those posted were successful. Guys aren’t lining up to share photos or videos of their painful rejections. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that they all were home runs, though. Plenty failed dramatically. They just didn’t make the headlines.

You might be excited about promposing, or you might be really, sickeningly nervous. Either way, we feel for you, and are relieved to tell you that you have choices.

Promposals are Optional?

Know that newsworthy promposals are completely optional. Simply asking, politely and genuinely, someone to go to prom with you is actually enough (gasp!). In fact, in almost every case, even the ones where they don’t say yes, we can almost guarantee that the person being asked is quite flattered.

Also note that the whole “guy must ask girl to prom” is a caveman sounding as it is impractical and incorrect. Clearly, we live in a different world today than we did even a decade or two ago. Girls ask guys, guys ask guys, girls ask girls and whole groups of party-goers skip the dates all together and just go as one, big, happy group. In an adult world that is increasingly divided, the youth of today are leaders willing to put aside conventions and just BE.

Create New Traditions

If your combination of friends complicates the traditions – you’re not sure who should buy a boutonniere, who should buy a corsage, who should pay, who should drive – throw out the customary and create something new and contemporary. If you always act in the interest of safety, kindness, fairness and love, things generally turn out just fine in the end.

When it comes to going to prom, keep your priorities straight. Make sure that you look good (whatever that means for you), feel good, act safely and live compassionately. Look out for your besties and try to have the time of your life. The memories you create will last a lifetime, whether you want them to or not, so err on the side of “this one is for the history books” (if reading between the lines isn’t your strength – a sober prom is a prom you’ll remember) and go forth towards the ultimate prom experience.

Finally, keep an eye out. We have men’s fashion tips, questions, suggestions and stories planned soon. Keep checking back as you plan your prom adventure.

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