Latest Trends in Prom Makeup

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If you love makeup, you are probably pretty excited about expressing yourself though your artistry during prom. There are so many new products, new application techniques, and new cosmetic concepts emerging all the time that it can be crazy hard to keep up. We’ve put together some of the latest makeup trends from the top experts in the beauty field so you can get an idea of what you might see next year at prom.

Latest Trends in Prom Makeup

Which of these makeup trends excite you most?

Statement Eye Shadow

Bright, bold eye makeup that goes beyond traditional colors was super-hot during Fashion Month, according to the NY Times. We’re talking seriously avant garde like Day-Glo Orange and Peppermint Green! Even if you’re not adventurous enough to rock the vibrant shades at school or on a girls’ night at the movies, prom is a great opportunity to experiment and go a little (or even a lot) wild with your look.

Luscious Lips

Bold colors aren’t just for eyes anymore. Your lips deserve their drama too! featured shimmery lips painted to look like fire! To get the look, apply a fiery red to the outside of your lips and shimmery gold to the inside. Blend outward from the center to create an ombre effect.

Eyeliner that Has Wings!

Thickly-applied eyeliner at the outer edges of the eye in a shape that reminds one of wings is big right now. While often it is seen in natural brown and black shades, this season it is also featured in a variety of colors. Want to add a touch of gold to complement your shimmery prom dress? Or some pink to give your eyes an extra feminine flair? The shape defines this particular trend, so feel free to try something new.

Rhinestones for Your Face?

It’s true. A brilliant newer trend that combines the need for bling and rhinestones is adding them to your makeup and sticking them directly on your face (sounds crazy, but looks unbelievably cool)! featured a special photo where a model’s entire eye was lined with rhinestones. While we somewhat doubt how comfortable the stones must be, the look is dramatic and rich – sure to cause heads to turn at prom.

Need Help?

Loving the looks, but unsure about how to get them right on your own? YouTube videos are extremely helpful for picking up the tricks of the trade. Watch them frequently and try out the techniques that are demonstrated for yourself. Start working on them now so you can build your expertise way before prom, and who knows? By next year, perhaps you will be such an expert that students will be sitting here watching your instructional videos and using your inspiration to help plan their perfect prom makeup.

Which of these makeup trends excite you most?

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