The Worst Prom Dress Advice We’ve Ever Heard

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Okay – so, you’re a savvy searcher (probably because you started Googling before you born) and you’re not taking this prom thing lightly. You’ve probably already spent hours and hours on the internet looking at pictures of hairstyles, makeup, formal wear, and the likes. You’ve certainly at least glanced at the many sites devoted to helping you choose a great prom dress.

If you’ve done even a fraction of this, you’ve run into some pretty insane advice about prom at least once or twice. We know – we’ve done it too.

There is some pretty sketchy information out there, but none is worse to us than the articles that give what we consider the worst advice ever about prom dresses.

That is, “Don’t Buy Your Prom Dress Online!”

The reality is that reputable online retailers offer a great selection of dresses in more styles and colors than most salons are able to carry.

People claim to have a million horror stories about ordering prom dresses online, and for sure, there have been some unfortunate mishaps. However, like anything else, if you choose a reputable company, ordering a prom dress online can be fun, budget-conscious, and fabulous. Here are our success tips for ordering your prom dress online:

Start early. It can take several weeks to make and ship a custom-ordered prom dress. You don’t want it to arrive the day after the prom! Ordering early also lets you make minor adjustments, or, if you fell victim to a too-good-to-be-true post on a recycled item site, change gears completely and pursue a different dress.

Take your measurements – do not guess. Bodies change all the time no matter how old you are. Don’t rely on your stats from your 5th grade ballet costume fitting! Sending the right specs can really help you get the fit right the first time.

Read Reviews! Every great business has at least a few detractors (you really can’t make all the people happy all the time), but a reputable company will not only have substantially more positive  than negative reviews, but may also respond to valid concerns with an appropriate apology and possibly a professional comment acknowledging the feedback.

Get the best price, guaranteed. Shop from a company that offers price-matching or a low price guarantee so you get the best deal on the dress you want.

Check the return policy. Make sure you understand your purchase terms and the company’s refund policy in case you (hopefully never) need it.

If you can’t find a gown in your traditional formal wear shops, the internet is a great resource. You can view colors, styles and even reviews about the sizing and fabric. Use these tips to guide you as you narrow down your choices and select your perfect prom dress!

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