What’s New in Prom Clutches?

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A great clutch is the perfect finishing touch for the best prom ensemble. It has to be the perfect size to hold your very important emergency kit, the perfect color to complement your prom gown, and have the perfect embellishments to set off your unique personality.

If you start with the trends, logo bags (clutches emblazoned with designer logos all over them) are making a comeback. But purse styles are never one-sided, and there is a lot of room for personalization. Small clutches, in general, are still preferred, at least for formal events, but they are often covered with eye-stopping giant accents. Yours might have beads, jewels, sequins, textured fabric or even flowers. Just make sure you don’t choose anything that will catch or snag the fabric of your perfect prom dress.

As with any accessories, of course, your clutch should complement, not compete with your prom dress or prom pant suit (one of the hottest trends in prom fashion). If your dress is spectacular with an eye-catching, sequins, bold flowers, intense embroidery or anything else that makes it stand out, choose a simple clutch that simply rounds out the look.

On the other hand, if your dress is classic and simple, with sleek lines and in an understated, single color, you can turn it into a dazzling, personalized look with ornate accessories. Your statement purse, flashy earrings, and any combination of out-there rings, bracelets or necklaces – and of course the shoes! – can make your look anything but plain.

Your clutch should be small enough that it doesn’t overwhelm the rest of your look, but large enough that you can carry the essentials. At minimum, you need to keep your phone, a few dollars for an emergency situation, and possibly a little bit of touch of makeup on hand to help deal with unforeseen situations.

Even better, throw in some adhesive bandages to help repair blistered or calloused toes and heels, some mouthwash to allow you to stay close to your date throughout the dance, some safety pins to repair last-minute fashion fails and bobby pins to keep stubborn hair in place no matter what the weather brings. Oil-blotting towelettes are helpful to keep the shine off of your face for pictures, and a parent-approved, over-the-counter mild painkiller like ibuprofen or acetaminophen could help with end of the evening headaches.

The typical prom emergency clutch might be a bit weighty, but it can save you (and your closest friends) from a variety of embarrassing and painful situations!

While a prom clutch may be considered “extra,” it is a common accessory with multiple practical uses. We highly recommend carrying on and keeping it close to you at all times. Choose one that suits your budget, personality and style – preferably one you can use again, or will pass on to a younger sibling or prom-going friend.

What kind of clutch are you planning to carry to prom?

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