Unique Accessory Ideas for Prom

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Wondering how you will accessorize your prom dress or outfit? We have suggestions for all budget and fashion types, just for you!

Rent Your Jewelry

Did you know that you can actually rent jewelry online? Now, it’s not always the most budget-friendly way of addressing your accessory needs. However, if your top priority is wearing something scandalously luxurious, renting jewelry might be your scene.

Yes, there are actually companies that allow you to pay a rental fee of anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds (depending on the original value of their inventory) so you can pile on the bling! You might wear a striking, yet simple black prom dress with bold, colorful bracelets, earrings and an absolutely gleaming, elaborate necklace. Or, choose an ornate prom gown with embroidery and beading and find the perfect, understated jewelry to complete your look.

You can even rent handbags and sunglasses, along with scarves and hats if you want to go wild.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

There is no need to sport real diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires or pearls on prom night, of course. Realistic-looking fakes are more than appropriate. Try on your selection, of course, and look for signs that your skin might have a reaction with plated or coated metals, which can sometimes happen depending on the quality of your imitation options. Also, inspect them carefully to look for any loose fittings so you don’t lose any pieces of your jewelry while you dance.


If you have a talent for crafts, great prom jewelry can be just a DIY session away. Check Pinterest and your local craft store for inspiration. Some local stores even have sessions where they teach various techniques for creating your own jewelry, like welding or soldering.

Through DIY, you’ll have total control over the style of your jewelry pieces, as well as the size and materials. This is great for prom-goers who have trouble finding the perfect fit, or those who may have allergies to some metals and need to make sure they use others.

DIY can be hard work, and you should start early to ensure that you get the final product you want. It can also be expensive to purchase all of the materials and equipment you need. If you are successful, though, you will have an heirloom piece of completely personal prom jewelry that you can someday pass down to your own children!

Borrow from a Loved One

Speaking of passing down, the last best suggestion for finding unique prom accessories is to borrow something from a parent or grandparent. Be certain that they KNOW that you are borrowing for prom, so it doesn’t become a big scandal before you are able to return their pieces. And guard the jewelry with your life during prom so you don’t lose or damage it. Borrowed jewelry can be very meaningful, so enjoy it and take lots of pictures!

There are more than a few ways to accessorize your prom outfit. Try some of these out and let us know how you did, if it worked, and what you would recommend for future prom attendees!

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