Best (Cardboard) Prom Date Story Ever

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It made us so happy to wake up today and read this adorable tale of Allison Closs and her prom date Danny Devito (a.k.a. Cardboard Danny)!

Faced with a dilemma when she couldn’t find a prom date, Allison didn’t give up and go solo – no, she got creative.

Allison searched the internet for an appropriate cardboard date, and found Danny Devito to not only be available, but affordable! She dressed Cardboard Danny appropriately for the occasion, installed a bit of hardware to make him mobile, donned a pretty blue prom dress herself, and set out to make amazing prom memories!

And memories she made. Cardboard Danny was not only a great date but was the hit of the prom. Even better, when word got back to real Danny Devito, he reciprocated Allison’s attention by posing for a picture, posted on Instagram, with Cardboard Allison!

We’re suckers for a good celebrity prom story (thank you to the New York Post for the original story and for the Devito reaction), but are even more enamored with stories of teens who look at life through creative, affirming and positive glasses. Allison started with the ultimate teen drama – no date for prom, all dressed up with nowhere to go. She wouldn’t be relegated to obscurity, or forced to be a wallflower, though. No! Allison stood up and said, I am on a mission to make my prom something incredible that I will never forget, and I’m taking Danny Devito with me!

Not bad for a 17-year-old, and pretty flattering for a 72-year-old actor too!

We applaud Allison’s ingenuity, her self-confidence and her sense of humor. Hopefully, her message that prom is just an event, and that it is exactly what you make of it will travel far and wide and encourage more teens to focus on what matters most: having safe, enchanting memories of their once-in-a-lifetime experience. We salute you, Allison! Congratulations on a magical, and truly inspirational prom adventure.


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