5 Prom Weather Woes to Avoid

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The last thing you want to worry about on prom night is the weather! However, rain, humidity, wind, heat, snow – all of these conditions can impact your experience, so it’s better to check the forecast, compare notes and show up prepared! Here are some great tips to help you avoid common prom weather woes.

  1. Humidity

If you live in a region that is very humid, you’ll need to do a few things to compensate and to help keep your incredible prom look fresh and fabulous.

Hair and makeup are highly susceptible to humidity. Your prom dress can look great, and you can have an incredibly handsome date, but if all the work you put into your beautiful hairdo falls flat because of the moisture in the air, your whole look will fall flat with it.

Ask your stylist to add humidity fighting spray, gel or product (or all three!) to help keep your hair in place. Choosing an updo, or a style that is pulled back instead of loose curls will also help keep your look safe from the elements. Do you best to stay inside once your hair is finished.

  1. Wind – Hair

By the same token, a windy day can easily ruin your hair. If you know it is going to be windy, choose a style for your hairdo that is very tightly secured to your head for the least blowing around. Use lots of product, and bring a small tube of gel with you so you can make last-minute touch-ups as necessary.

  1. Wind – The Dress!

If you find out at the last minute that it’s going to be windy, you can’t change your dress, you can only be careful when braving the outdoors. If you know, though, that you live in a very windy area (and some people do!), choose wisely. If you love the short dress look, choose something fitted that won’t easily float up around your shoulders! Or, choose a longer dress. Be practical. There is nothing fun about looking back at your prom and remembering how you flashed the entire crowd the whole night!

  1. Precipitation

Heavy rain can be a problem for so many reasons, but it doesn’t even take a downpour to threaten your prom dress. Some materials, especially satin and silk, mark extremely easily with water, and sometimes stain. Do everything you can to protect your dress from rain. Keep a large golf umbrella with you, for the time you must spend outside. If you are taking photos and there is any chance your dress will sweep against the ground, bring a clean, dry sheet with you that you can stand on while you pose.

  1. Other Forms of Water (Not Necessarily Weather Related)

Of course, rain isn’t the only water you might encounter on prom day. Be careful when washing your hands that you don’t mark your dress. Any drips from any source (a water glass, a spilled can of soda, a puddle, even excessive sweat!) can cause you to make embarrassing marks on your gown, so try very hard not to exposure yourself to liquids once you are wearing your dress.

You can’t plan for everything, but you can prevent some weather-related dress and hair disasters with some preparation and good common sense. Use these tips, plan ahead and you will certainly look gorgeous. What are some of your biggest prom weather fears?

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