Choose the Right Undergarments to Go with Your Prom Dress

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When you’re standing in the dressing room or in front of your mirror at home, wearing the prom dress of your dreams, do you ever think (for even a moment), “gosh, I thought that would look better?” Sometimes, the only thing wrong with your ensemble is your choice of undergarments.

Strapless bras, bikini underwear, SPANX – these are all of the hidden secrets of the fashion world that you want to make sure you get right to look picture-perfect for prom. Some of them are a tiny bit scandalous, and some are more than a little bit uncomfortable, but a tiny bit of suffering is considered acceptable in the fashion world (otherwise no one would wear 4-inch heels, ever!).

So, what kind of undergarments do you need for prom?

Bras for Prom

Lingerie for formal occasions falls into several different categories, but each one addresses a specific appearance issue. Strapless bras, for example, are pretty straightforward. Your dress has no sleeves, or only has spaghetti straps, or perhaps has one strap on one side and nothing on the other. Solution? Strapless bra.

Ensuring that you have the perfect fit when you purchase a strapless bra for prom is pretty darn important. There is no room for error like there is with a bra that has straps (straps that will “catch” you if there is an, ahem, problem?). Before you order or purchase, it doesn’t hurt to take some measurements so you get the best fit. The staff at lingerie stores are generally also experts at measuring for undergarment sizes, so don’t be afraid to ask for a bit of assistance.

Some dresses create needs beyond strapless bras. If you’re wearing a back-bearing, daring dress, for example, you might need a “backless strapless” bra. I know, it’s starting to sound like there is nothing to hold up or on to, but backless strapless bras do exist. Make sure you are aware if you need one so you can shop early.

Avoiding Lines

Depending on the type of fabric and the cut of your prom dress, you might need to consider what style of underwear you sport on prom night too. Now, we get that this is a delicate topic, so suffice it to say that you should consider your options, try them on with your dress, and wear the ones that don’t show. Bikini underwear and, yes, G-strings are options. There are brave gals who will go without, but that’s definitely not a look for everyone (and not safe in every climate – windy night = need panties please!).

One expert fashion tip we wish someone had shared when we were young – buy your panties one size larger than your actual size. They will appear smoother and cause less bunching and fewer lines under your clothes.


Finally, the miracle products that smooth where we need smoothing, fluff where we need fluffing, and otherwise make up for a multitude of nutritional sins that we’ve committed over the years – SPANX are your go-to body shapers if you need a little extra help. They are wicked uncomfortable and can cost more than your dress, but young and old alike benefit from their no-nonsense, “suck it up girl” body-bossing power. Every major department store and several online retailers sell them in different colors and targeted towards different parts of your body, so check out the selection and find out if SPANX can help you love your look even more.

Alright, we’re suitably scandalized and completely blushing now, so we’ll leave our discussion of unmentionables there. Hopefully we’ve helped you decide what kind of undergarments you might need for prom!

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