Prom Tips: Best Prom Dresses for Dancing the Night Away

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Full-length ball gowns, slender mermaid-style tapered dresses with hemlines that turn in to tiny sweep trains, and gravity-defying necklines on strapless dresses are all striking and irresistible choices for prom.

But let’s be real – do they let you dance?

For some, holding up the walls while you gossip about your four years of high school and that dreamy guy in Biology who looks awesome in a tux is the perfect prom. Those who are drawn to the dance floor, however, want something more. They’ve got moves and are going to prove it, and they need prom dresses that let them flaunt those moves all night long.

So, what are the best dress styles for prom-goers who want to dance the night away?

Length: Short!

Without a doubt, the best length of dress for dancing is short. Choose a style that just hits your knee. Shorter might be sassy and cute, but it may a) violate school dress codes if it’s too short and b) cause an embarrassing scene when you’re wobbling or trying out any other moves that require a bit of bending.

Short dresses don’t have to be hauled on and off the dance floor by a gaggle of your friends. You can maneuver through the crowds more easily, move more deftly on your feet, and stay cooler as you party on.

Fabric: Breathable

Make your mark on the prom by starring in the most awesome Instagram photos of the night, or by spending the most consecutive hours on the dance floor – not by showing off sweat marks on your dress!!

Some fabrics are notorious for marking when it gets a bit warm out there, including rayon, silk and polyester. Avoid them if you can. Others are more breathable like chiffon and cotton. Choose fabrics that are less likely to mark. If you’re not sure, ask your dress maker for some pro advice.

Style Options

You can also keep sweat marks at bay by choosing a great antiperspirant, selecting a gown that doesn’t have fabric immediately under your arms, opting for a style that has sheer sleeves or sturdy straps instead of fabric sleeves, wearing a dress with a sweater or jacket component or choosing a color that doesn’t easily show sweat like black. Also, take care of yourself – stay hydrated, carry a handkerchief or subtle small towel that you can easily use to dash away the sweat and take as many breaks as you can stand (we know – breaks away from the dance floor are grueling!).

Strapless – Just Don’t!

If you really want to focus on your dancing, do yourself a favor and avoid strapless gowns. All of the pulling up, adjusting and checking to be sure that you aren’t flashing the entire room from the dance floor just takes away time you have to boogie, so instead choose something with thick straps or short sleeves.

There are few better opportunities in life to dance without a care in the world than prom. Make sure you full enjoy yours by selecting your perfect prom dress for dancing.

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