2018 Prom Accessory Trends

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Choosing the perfect prom dress isn’t the only decision a teen has to make when preparing for the biggest event of the year. The prom dress is just the base of your overall look, along with your hairstyle and makeup. Your jewelry, bag and shoes all contribute a great deal. You’ll want to make a statement with your prom accessories, so it helps to be familiar with the latest trends before settling on your prom fashion inspiration.

The Year’s Big Trends

According to Vogue, micro-sunglasses are one of the biggest, celeb-inspired trends of the year. Mighty minis have bumped huge, oversized lenses out of the top spot emphasizing a whole new look. Clear purses and bags are also hot as are, pointed-toe pumps, bold patterned bags and wild ear bling. All are among the on-trend choices for 2018 prom accessories.

Seventeen says that long-line necklaces will be in for 2018. They agree that boring old monotone clutches are out, but suggest that patterned purses will be joined by bejeweled ones as well. Bright, bold earrings in wild shapes that dangle will be popular and partiers will select pairs that contrast sharply with their prom dresses. They add small, crossbody purses for carrying cell phones and flower hair accessories will be all the rage as well.

How to Choose Your Accessories for Prom

How can you choose the right prom accessories to go with your ensemble? Luckily, accessories are some of the most customizable features of an overall prom look. You can choose the bag, shoes, earrings, necklace, bracelet and rings that really feel like you.

If your prom dress is simple and subtle in style, color and texture, feel free to accessorize with bold, bright or oversized accents. If your dress already makes an unquestionable statement when you walk in a room, by all means, take the understated approach to accessories. You are not required to wear jewelry at all (although shoes are a must!), so feel free to go your own way when finishing off your outfit with the extra touches.

Be Practical

Do think practically, of course. Don’t wear such expensive, irreplaceable jewelry that losing a piece on the dance floor ends your happiness forever. Prom isn’t the place to show off your heirloom collector’s items – it’s your chance to shine while dancing the night away with your bffs.

Also, most proms last between 3 and 5 hours, so don’t neglect your own comfort and safety. It might seem like choosing shoes with 5-inch heels is a really daring fashion statement to make, but how long can you walk or stand in those shoes before the tears start and you wish you could just go home and pack your toes in ice? If you have to sacrifice all of your fun to get the look you want, you probably want to reconsider your options.

The prom accessory trends of 2018 offer a little something for everyone. Whether you consider your fashion sense bold, unique, feminine, frilly, fiery or just plain fun, you can find accessories to complete your look and still stay on-trend this year. Enjoy the search and have a great, safe 2018 prom!

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