4 Things Your Prom Has in Common with Harry and Meghan’s Wedding

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There is nothing like a palace wedding to inspire people around the world to party like they’re royalty! Meghan and Harry may be thousands of miles away when they say I Do on their tradition-tossing wedding day, but you can tap their spirit to inspire your prom in some fun ways. Here are 4 ways to give your prom the Harry & Meghan makeover.

Name Your Royal Court

Most prom itineraries include crowning a school’s Prom King and Queen, and recognizing several runners up as princesses and princes. Harry and Meghan will enjoy the cheers of their royal family as well as their subjects. It seems unlikely that they will take a spin around the dance floor wearing crowns, but that shouldn’t stop your winning couple from doing so!

Hire Food Trucks to Cater Your Meal

Never let it be forgotten that over a month before the royal wedding, we were promoting catering by food truck, or the “Food Truck Proms.” And now the prince, younger son of beloved late Princess Diana and successor to the throne of England, Prince Charles, has gone and selected food trucks to provide some of his wedding catering too!

No one can blame him, of course. Food trucks offer diverse menus, cutting edge cuisine, and variety to please every guest. They are in high demand for special events, so reserve yours early.


One of the world’s most famous couples, Harry and Meghan can’t sneeze without someone standing by to publish a photo, and you might feel the same way as you satisfy your parents’ need for a million pictures, stop in at a friend’s pre-prom party for a turn at the photo booth, have formal photos taken by a photographer when you arrive at prom, and pose for dozens upon dozens of selfies. Keep the energy high, your make up touched up and your prom dress free of food stains, and you’ll be ready to capture all of the memories with your best friends!

It’s Going to Be So Much Fun!

You don’t need a royal title, a palace or public notoriety to have the best time ever at your prom. All you really need is a willingness to dance, sing, eat and party and to be surrounded by friend, new and old. There are few times in life when so many of the people we love – the ones we went to high school with and who defined our youth – are in the same place all at once. Don’t take it for granted. Enjoy every minute of your prom just like Meghan and Harry are bound to cherish every minute of their royal wedding day and create the kinds of memories that last a lifetime!

How will you make your prom more like Harry and Meghan’s perfect royal wedding? Have you drawn inspiration from the upcoming events? Tell us about your plans in the comment area below!

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