Last-Minute Prom Survival Tips

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All over the country, upperclassmen are headed to proms and formals in the month of May. It is a time to celebrate over a decade of classes together – growing up, playing sports, participating in band, orchestra or choir, sharing memories – and of looking forward to an exciting, yet unknown future. Prom represents a moment in time when everyone comes together for one of the last big rituals of youth.

Are you ready?

The days and hours leading up to prom are usually full of anticipation, and a lot of nerves. We thought we’d help you out with some tips and to-dos that will help you have a great time at the big event!

Check Off These To-Dos

  • Make sure your hang your tux, suit or prom dress from a sturdy hanger somewhere tall enough that it can fully hang. Give the whole thing a once-over. Any wrinkles? Creases? Folding where it shouldn’t be? You may need to consult your tailor or boutique to ask for proper steaming/pressing advice, so leave enough time to do last-minute retouches.
  • Gather your accessories. Put cufflinks, socks, bow ties, or earrings, necklaces, lingerie, bracelets and shoes all in a single location (and secured from Fido’s interest and the sticky fingers of younger siblings!).
  • Do a hair and makeup run through or two if you plan to do these yourself. Make sure you have all of the products that you need.
  • Confirm transportation arrangements. If you have rented a limo or limo bus, do they have the correct address on file? Are there any payment arrangements that need to be made? Will you need to have documents or payments on the day of the prom?
  • Grab a small amount of emergency cash. In case anything unanticipated goes wrong, like you need to have your limo stop at the drug store for deodorant or breath mints, you can take care of it easily!
  • Order your boutonniere or corsage at least a day or so before prom, if not earlier.

On Prom Night

  • Bring your prom emergency kit, including adhesive bandages, extra makeup for touch-up, oil blotting papers, breath mints, a comb, a travel-size sewing kit and repair kit for eyeglasses, an extra feminine hygiene product or two, and some safety and bobby pins. All of this can be squeezed into a small purse or clutch that complements your prom attire.
  • Pick up your boutonniere or corsage on time and store in a cool, dry place.
  • Bring your cell phone and charger.
  • Bring your prom bid/admission tickets!
  • Be on time. Nothing is more stressful to your prom date than wondering iftakyou’ve developed cold feet or if you are completely lost. Go to extra lengths to be respectful of the itinerary.
  • Dance! Don’t look back at your prom as the wallflower who was asked more than once to dance, but just couldn’t bring yourself to take a risk. 20 years from now, you wont regret looking silly – you’ll regret missing out on the fun.

Feeling good? Get out there, then, and have an amazing prom!

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