How to Make Your Prom Makeup Last Longer

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One of the most common fashion and beauty concerns among teenagers who plan to attend prom is how to get the most out of their prom makeup. It can be so frustrating to work hard on your perfect look, only to arrive at prom and find out that your makeup has already worn off and the night hasn’t even begun. Luckily, experts have this one covered. We’ve assembled some of the best advice the internet has to offer to help you make your prom makeup last.

Before Prom

Lasting makeup starts long before you apply your look. Proper skin care before you ever get to prom day will help a lot.

Exfoliate! At least twice each week, get rid of all of the buildup that fills your pores and clogs your skin. – The EveryGirl

Moisturize your skin regularly. Dry skin doesn’t like to hold makeup. StyleCaster

Day-of Application Tips

There are several products like special powders, foundations and sprays that you can employ to help keep your makeup in place and not slipping off your face before the dancing ever starts. Don’t invest all of your time and talents just to have your makeup wear off en route to prom.

Use a masking powder – even between layers of makeup. –

Apply an oil-free foundation. RealSimple

Use a colored lip liner all over your lip in the same color as your lipstick. – InStyle

Wear false eyelashes instead of mascara to avoid smudging, or removing your mascara. Huffington Post

Use an eye shadow primer. Martha Stewart Weddings

Once you’ve achieved the look you wanted, use a good setting spray. BuzzFeed

Set your eyeliner with eye shadow. Clevver

At Prom

Keeping your look maintained at prom can be a pain, but you’ll want to check your face several times during the evening to make sure you still look great. Especially note right before formal photos if you need a touch up, and be sure to make a pact with your BFF to subtly suggest reapplying if either of you notices that the other could look just a little fresher.

Use oil-blotting papers. As you sweat, your makeup will fall off, so use the papers to keep oil in check. –

Splurge on a high quality foundation, as cheaper foundations slip off faster. Also, avoid a foundation with SPF for the special event as it doesn’t photograph as well if flash is being used. – Heidi Grace Blogs

Do a Run-Through

Find out how long and under what conditions your makeup will last by putting it to the test in advance. Practice your techniques and try out your products. Then hold a private dance party (just you and your cat would be absolutely fine) and see how the products react. Tweak the amounts and application techniques until you find your own magic combination. Then don’t forget to cleanse and moisturize!

Care before the big day, choosing the right products and techniques, and keeping a careful eye on your progress will all help you look great from beginning to end at your prom.

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