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It’s the stuff that Instagram and Pinterest is made of – creative, and sometimes genius, promposal posters featuring silly puns asking a serious question – wanna go to Prom? Before you shop for your perfect prom dress or settle on a daring ‘do, win the heart of your dream date with one of these real life promposal puns:

  • You’ve gotta “pizza” my heart – prom?
  • (For the gamer): Stop playing around – wanna go to Prom with me?
  • (For a runner): A thought keeps running through my mind – will you go to Prom with me?
  • Hunting for a prom date – you game?
  • (Baseball themed): Let me pitch you an idea – prom?
  • Any pasta-bility you’d go to prom with me?
  • Stop horsing around and mozy on over to prom with me.
  • (Mountain Dew inspired): I don’t know what I’d “DEW” without you – prom?
  • You “giraffe” me crazy. Want to go to prom?
  • I’m (Star)bursting to go to Prom with you. Will you?
  • (For your soccer player love): I have one goal. It’s a long shot. Will you kick It at prom with me?
  • (More soccer…): I hope I’m not being too “forward,” but my “goal” is to take you to prom.
  • Don’t “desert” me – wanna go to prom?
  • (Teddy time): Prom would be unbearable without you. Will you go to prom with me?
  • (Fishing fanatic): I’m of-FISH-ally asking, will you be my date to prom?
  • Of all the fish in the sea, I’m glad you swam to me. ‘Whale’ you say yes to prom?
  • (Tennis Lovers): Let’s cause a racket at prom. It will be a Grand Slam. Will you go with me?
  • I’d be one lucky ducky to go to prom with you (quack!).
  • (Polka dots anyone?) I’d love to be “spotted” at prom with you!
  • (Guitar hero?) Pick me for prom!
  • It would be “burrito-ful” If you went to prom with me.
  • (At a coffee date?): I like you a “latte” – prom?
  • It would be a “waffle” lot of fun if you’d go to prom with me!
  • (Pup-themed): Prom would be “ruff” without you!
  • (Back to Baseball): I might strike out asking, but will you go to prom with me?
  • (Ultimate Frizbee): Be the ultimate date to prom – will you go with me?
  • We make the “perfect pear” – wanna go to prom?
  • Out of all of the fish in the sea, will you go to prom with me?
  • (Give a cheer!): 2, 4, 6, 8 will you be my prom date?
  • We are “mint to be” – will you go to prom with me?
  • (Red Solo Cups): Don’t make me go SOLO to prom. Will you?
  • I have an egg-cellent idea! Let’s go to prom!
  • You know who has more fun than cact-I at prom? Cact-us! Will you go to prom with me?

Note that this list was generated from the best of previously posted puns (that’s alliteration for those of you who stayed awake through English last year!). Will you use one of these winners, your own original promposal pun or simply ask, “wanna prom?” in your own way?

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