Flattering Fabrics for Your Figure

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Anyone who has ever shopped for clothes knows that there are various types of fabric that fall better on some figures than others. Silk, taffeta, velvet, lace – all have a totally different look and feel. Learn which ones are more flattering for your figure type so you can choose your ultimate prom dress.

Clingy Fabrics for Smooth Bodies

Satin and charmeuse are shiny fabrics that can turn even a gorgeous curvy body into a scary sight because they cling. The light can catch it at the wrong angle and emphasize something you were hoping would go unnoticed. Love satin but feel like it’s a fabric you have to avoid it? Choose a dress that has an overlay of lace, or something flowy and sheer for the best of both worlds and some deliciously deceiving coverage.

Conversely, if you have a long, lanky figure without curves, satin or silk can help you project a softer, more feminine look. And if you are blessed with perfect “hourglass figure” curves, with nothing to hide, practically any clingy fabric will look amazing on you.

Fabrics with Structure or Substance for “Imperfections”

If there is something you perceive as an imperfection (emphasis on the words ‘you perceive’ as we KNOW you are beautiful!), a fabric that naturally has some weight and structure can help mask or contain it. Wool or cotton are great options, as are duchesse satin and taffeta.

Sequins to Draw the Eye

Pear-shaped gals with smaller busts and larger hips can choose dresses with sequined or elaborate bodices to give the illusion that there is more on top than there is in reality. Likewise, if you have an abundant topside or bust and a smaller waist and hips, a sequined skirt can help balance a top-heavy figure for perfect-looking proportions.

Some Fabrics Change Based on the Cut

Chiffon is a flowy fabric that can be figure-flattering for plus-sized or particularly curvy women if it’s cut generously. Ruched, it can be added to actually draw attention to your favorite features.

Velvet for All Body Types

Velvet can be flattering on all body types, but the amount of sheen that it has matters – the shinier the velvet, the more flaws it tends to point out. If you are trying to conceal or disguise some part of your figure, choose a darker velvet, like black velvet.

A perfect prom dress goes beyond simply the material from which it is made. The cut, embellishments, length, neckline, sleeves and accessories, along with the quality of tailoring all contribute a lot to your overall look. The important concept that is universal is choosing dress elements that will emphasize what you love about your body along with those that will hide, distract from and de-emphasize the things you love less.  Few people are able to simply “put it all out there” and look flawless. Embrace your unique body, use the above tips to help guide you towards better choices, and once you’ve chosen your amazing prom dress, enjoy!

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