4 Things You Didn’t Realize You Could Ask Your Prom Venue to Do

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Booking a venue for prom might be something that is very new to you, especially if you are part of a prom committee (student or adult) and you don’t throw big parties every day. Venue negotiations, contracts and follow through are kind of confusing, and a little harder to navigate than, say, choosing the perfect prom dress.

One aspect of booking a venue that comes as a surprise to many newbies is that there a some things your venue may be willing to do or include that may sweeten your deal and give you a better prom. Those things include:

  1. Provide (Some) Décor Items: after many events, venues get to keep random décor items that party hosts don’t want to lug home. Some sales managers will keep these items in an organized closet or storage space. If you ask nicely and behave like a model prom committee, they may be willing to lend you some of this décor, which most often includes things like hurricane glass candle covers, artificial flowers or greenery, lanterns, candles and fabric for draping. You can save a lot of your prom budget by borrowing the basics then customizing the look, rather than starting from scratch.
  1. Play Mood Music: does your venue pipe in sound over their own sound system? While you wouldn’t want to necessarily attempt to DJ over their internal speakers, it’s great to use them to play music while guests arrive, hang out before the doors open and depart. You can add a lot of ambience with some simple music, so find out what is involved with using your venue’s sound system for pre-dance mood music.
  1. Fold Fancy Napkins: One little detail that makes a fun impact, especially when you are trying to be very conscious of budget is a folded linen napkin at every seat. Ask your venue management which napkin folds are available (they may even has a selection of napkin colors from which you can choose, which will also enhance your look) and choose one that gives your tables a little more flair.
  1. Printed Programs and Menus: If you are doing more than just dancing at prom, and are including presentations like the crowning of the prom court, or a meal, your venue can save you an expense that adds a little polish to any event. Many property sales managers would be happy to help you out by printing a program or menus on fancy paper as long as your provide the information that needs to be included. Prom programs and menus make great keepsakes that you can look back at for years.

Not all venues have the same policies about these types of requests, but many are flexible and simply want you to have a great prom experience. Don’t be afraid to ask your venue team if they can help you out with these items or others. Be polite when you ask and grateful if you receive a “yes’. What will you ask your venue to help with at your prom?

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