Short and Sassy: Choosing Petite Prom Dresses

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No two bodies are ever totally alike, but girls who are shorter in stature have special considerations when choosing their perfect prom dresses. Some styles are more flattering than others, and fashion experts have a wealth of suggestions for fitting petite junior and senior prom-goers to help them make the best choices.

Among those suggestions, are:

  • Avoid mermaid-style dresses and full-sequined gowns.
  • You might consider a skirt with a slit to elongate your body.
  • Choose a sweetheart neckline to draw attention to your upper body.
  • If you like prints, choose a small print so the pattern won’t overwhelm you.
  • Try wearing an asymmetrical skirt – they are more forgiving and give an illusion of falling at the right place, even if their actual fit isn’t perfect.
  • V-necks and scoop necks make you look taller.
  • Pair a short dress (above the knee) with sexy high heels for the illusion of height.
  • Look to petite celebrities for inspiration.
  • Don’t hide your legs! Long gowns will make you look shorter, so try a shorter style for the best results.
  • Afraid you have to wear a tall up-do to add height to your overall look? If you choose the right dress, you can wear your hair any way you want. Just keep the neckline in mind when you finalize your ‘do.
  • Empire waists can be very flattering on shorter girls.
  • Avoid full skirts.
  • Wear shoes that match, not contrast, your dress.
  • Follow style guidelines for your body shape as well as your height.

Plus-Size Petite

Another potentially frustrating search that doesn’t have to lead to dressing room meltdowns and threats of “just staying home” is the quest for a great plus-size petite prom dress. While it can sometimes feel as if designers have concluded that everyone who is plus size is also 6-feet tall, there are many ways to avoid the pitfalls of a society that just doesn’t seem to recognize that all body types are beautiful, and every girl needs options.

If you find that you are looking for dresses that are both plus size and petite, here are additional tips to help you look amazing too!

  • V-necks are most flattering. They give the illusion of height while de-emphasizing width and drawing attention to the bust.
  • Corset style dresses provide flattering structure.
  • A long skirt with a tall slit emphasizes your best features.
  • A-line dresses are considered universally flattering.
  • An empire waist gown will hide a thick waistline, while an A-line dress will help create the illusion of a waist.
  • A-line dresses de-emphasize the hips, stomach and backside.
  • Avoid puffy ball gowns.
  • Pay attention to your bust. Choose an elaborate bodice to draw the eye towards ample cleavage – take advantage of one of the most awesome features of the plus-size petite body.

Every body type has its benefits and drawbacks. Being short, or plus-size and petite should be viewed as great opportunities to try some very effective fashion tips. Use the above suggestions as you shop for your prom dress and the end result will be amazing!

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