Best Prom Dresses for Tall Girls

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There is nothing quite so frustrating as being unable to shop at department stores or boutiques because of your size – be it your height, your weight or your unusual proportions. Seeing dresses that look amazing on models, but tiny on you because you are blessed with extra height can make even the tallest person feel very small.

The good news is that we understand, and we have some tips that can help!

When You’re Tall

Extra height makes choosing the perfect-length gown a little more complicated. Tall women can look breathtaking in a floor-length dress, but only if it actually falls to the floor and not, instead, awkwardly above the ankles. It takes some extra planning and a bit of searching, but prom dresses for tall juniors and seniors exist!

When choosing a prom dress for a tall junior or senior prom-goer:

  • Use your exact measurements to ensure you are ordering a gown that will fit. Online descriptions vary in accuracy and helpfulness, so having the exact measurements can help you weed out the good from the bad.
  • Account for the heel height of your shoes if you plan to wear heels in your measurements.
  • Plan on wearing a 3-inch heel if you are able as it helps avoid the clown-shoe feeling of lower heels on a naturally larger foot.
  • Sometimes bridesmaid dresses are a little easier to order as they are frequently custom-made or tailored. Many are very prom-friendly (some are even the same dresses that prom boutiques sell; they are just labeled for prom).
  • Check out two-piece prom dresses, which are all the rage right now. They may fall better from long torsos than other dresses. You can mix-and-match sizes of some two-piece prom dresses to give you an even better fit.
  • Some fashion experts swear by gathering each of the sides of a prom dress you really love that is just a tiny bit too long or short with a couple of quick stitches because it gives an intentional and slightly asymmetrical look. This is better on flowy Boho-chic dresses than it is on super-traditional glam gowns.
  • Don’t forget to try on shorter styles too. While you might find that floor-length isn’t working for you, a cocktail-length standard dress might fall perfectly at your knee. Just keep those measurements handy during your search so you can eliminate dresses that aren’t candidates and find the ones that best accommodate your proportions.
  • Start shopping early so you don’t get discouraged. Panic buying never makes any girl of any height feel good about the available options.
  • Choose a very strappy heel that winds its way up your leg a bit to compensate for a dress that is just a tiny bit too short.

Most of all, don’t give up! The dress of your dreams is out there, you just have to know what you’re looking for, and believe that you will find it. Embrace your height, keep these tips in mind, and your dress will find you!

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