Food Truck Proms

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Looking for a cool way to save money but still have an awesome prom with great food and good times? Too often committees feel married to the idea that prom must be traditional, taking place in the school gym with streamers and a punch bowl, or in a hotel ballroom with rubber chicken.

It shouldn’t surprise you to discover, however, that there are no laws governing what proms should look like. It is in that spirit that we propose the most off-the-wall yet incredibly cost-efficient, kinda hipster and seriously fun prom idea we could think of – the food truck prom.

Food trucks are the latest craze to hit the unlikeliest of special events – weddings. If you can invite 168 of your best friends and loved ones, including Grandmas Esther and Gertrude to your most important day and provide them food from an eclectic circle of trucks (and still make the cover of a fancy wedding magazine), than a food truck prom is a no-brainer. Teens love food, trucks and choice. Okay, maybe not trucks, but food and choice are both highly valued and there are practical benefits you may not have considered to a food truck prom.

Often catering with food trucks is more cost efficient than traditional event catering. If your plan is to offer a meal at prom, compare the cost of on-site catering at a hotel or conference facility with the cost of arranging food trucks to provide your meals. Students can be given vouchers or tickets to redeem at each truck to control the budget but still offer choice. You don’t even need to associate a dollar figure with each item if you can establish a carnival-esque ticket value system (basic items are 1 ticket, more elaborate items are 2, a meal combo is 3 and so on).

Food trucks travel in packs. It’s a thing. No teen actually likes rubber chicken, so it seems silly to force a room full of them to eat it. Check with your local food truck consortium to find out what kind of options are available in your area. You might feature a burger truck, a smoothie vendor and waffles (a most popular food truck option), or honor the ethnic associations present on your campus and invite a Korean BBQ restaurant, a Pho chef, a taco vendor and a creperie.

A food truck prom can still have a formal feel, complete with fancy prom dresses and stylish tuxedos. Create a dining area al fresco with clothed tables and centerpieces and a covered dance floor area nearby. True, you might want to specifically avoid the sloppy joe truck around formalwear, but with some creativity, there is no reason to sacrifice the parts of prom that are most loved – the opportunity to dress to the nines and a chance to dance!

If the Emily Posts of the world are being forced to accept that special celebrations can be redefined, our young generation can certainly throw caution to the wind when it comes to planning their proms. A food truck soiree is a delicious beginning to a creative prom revolution! How will you put your spin on the traditional prom?

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