Basic Makeup Tips to Help You Achieve Prom Perfection

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Many teens will visit salons in preparation for prom, to have both their hair and makeup done. This comes at great expense, however, and isn’t in every prom budget. Even someone with little experience can learn to apply makeup that is perfect for a special event like prom. Just follow these tips, start practicing well in advance and trust you can give yourself a makeover worthy of your gorgeous prom dress!

Choosing Your Foundation recommends that you choose a foundation that matches your next, and make sure when you apply it to your face that you blend down to avoid makeup lines. They also recommend using a makeup primer on your face and eyes if you have skin that tends to get shiny. Primer will make your makeup last longer and not slip when you start to dance.

Create Strong Brows

Filling in your brows makes a bigger difference than most teens realize according to The site claims that strong brows improve professional photography immensely. Also, wear cream eye shadow instead of powder as cream is richer.

Layer Your Blush

The experts at suggest layering cream blush and powder blush for “extra dimension and staying power.” They also recommend wearing a long-lasting lipstick that will take you from the first post through the last dance and beyond.

Curl Lashes

Always wear mascara, and curl your lashes to make your eyes look more open according to the pros at In fact, mascara is the one product that they would recommend every girl wear on prom night.

Of course, there are the many basic makeup tips that are good any day of the year, not just when you are preparing for prom. These include:

  • Purchase the right tools to apply and remove your makeup. It’s better to invest in the right brushes, sponges and other accessories, and to replace them often. Inadequate and old, dirty tools will ruin your look before you event get started.
  • Never have a new beauty treatment right before a special event. If you’re going to try a facial or a mask, for example, do it weeks before the big day so you can be sure you won’t have a reaction.
  • Practice with the more complicated makeup techniques, like applying fake lashes, in advance. These can take some time and trial-and-error to get right, so start your practice sessions as early as you can.
  • Visit the makeup counter at your favorite department store for a free makeover and all of the advice you could ever need about applying makeup. Some will even help you on the day of prom if you ask nicely!
  • Carry blotting papers so you can control the oil and tone down the shine any time day or night.

You’ll find inspiration along with a world of great tips from makeup artists and teens just like you at your fingertips. Research your style, color options and techniques online. You’ll soon fine it’s totally within reason to expect that you can do your own prom makeup and still look amazing!

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