6 Fun Things to Do at Prom When You Can’t Dance

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Afraid that having two left feet will keep you from enjoying prom? Worried that there isn’t enough time to learn how to Whip or to Nae Nae? Victim of a nasty varsity curling (look it up!) injury and your doctor insists you stay off the dance floor? Dancing isn’t the only thing that you can do at a prom to enjoy yourself and make a lifetime of memories!

  1. Enjoy the Tunes

You don’t even have to sway, just stand or sit back and let the corny classic prom songs take you back to all of the crazy memories you’ve made with your high school crew. The days before graduation are numbered and you’ll never quite be the same handsome group you are now.

  1. People Watch

Each attendee went to a lot of trouble to choose her dream prom dress or his striking suit, so do what they’ve longed for – admire them! Prom people watching is like no other party game around. See who chose the latest style, who went retro or wild, and who (gasp) wore the same dress! If you want to win extra prom points, be sure to throw out (genuine) complements generously. Let your crowd know that someone appreciates all the effort they went to in order to look good.

  1. Sample the Snacks

Different proms offer different levels of catering, so this may or may not be an option at yours. If your event has food stations or an open buffet, be the brave one to go first in line (and then again at the end). See if the kitchen belongs on Top Chefs or on a Pinterest Fails board. Enjoy the refreshments, especially if you’re lucky and your prom committee got it right.

  1. Take pics

Declare yourself the official unofficial photographer and snap away. Get all of the candid photos you can. Your 25th Reunion organizer will someday love you more than you’ll ever know!

  1. Be the (Responsible) Social Media Maven

Post and tag all of your photos to whichever social media site your group uses commonly. Be sure that anyone you post or tag is okay with having his or her picture online, and that their parents are cool with it too. Make sure to come up with a hashtag (or use the one provided by your planning committees) so everyone involved with your prom can find your images.

  1. Enjoy the time with your friends

All too soon many of you will go your separate ways, and while right now it seems like you can’t get away from each other, you will eventually long for these days. So live them up! Have a conversation with someone you may have neglected to connect with. Meet that person you always wanted to be friends with, and tell your bestie how much you adore him or her. Whenever someone needs a break from the dance floor, be the one sitting nearby waiting to spend a few minutes of downtime chatting and recouping energy.

Finally, know that if you are scared or unable to dance, you won’t be alone. Prom is about so much more than having the best moves. It’s a meaningful and fun event to remember!

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