Get the Softest Hands Ever for Prom

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Even couples who aren’t romantically attached – the ones attending prom as just friends – will spend a lot of time holding hands while dancing, posing for photos and making an entrance or exit. If you’re going to spend that much time holding another person’s hands, you certainly want yours to be in top shape, and not rough, scaly or dry.

The key to perfect hands is to spend a little time every day removing old, dead skin cells, and replacing them with healing moisture. Over time, your skin will become inviting and smooth, and perfect for prom!

Give It Time

You can’t have perfect hands overnight. It’s not enough to remember a day or two before prom. You can soak your hands in all the moisturizing hand lotion you want the night before the event, but it still won’t be enough to make a real difference. The softest, healthiest hands start weeks before they are needed. You can never start too early, so don’t wait!


Begin with clean hands. Massage an exfoliating scrub or microdermabrasion product to the entire surface of your hands to gently slough off damaged, dirty, dead skin cells. If you prefer natural products, you could use lemon juice or a sugar scrub. Do this every day to make the skin on your hands receptive to moisture.

Replace Moisture

After your skin is exfoliated, you’ll need to start the healing process with moisture. Choose a good quality lotion. If you use a moisturizer on your face that you really like, it can be used on your hands too – same thing with moisturizing masks.

Prevent Sun Damage for Your Future

While you’re taking great care of your hands anyway, take the one super-simple prevention step that will help ward off brown spots and premature aging on your hands: use sunscreen daily. Your hands are exposed to a ton of radiation every day. You can protect them from the negative effects of sun exposure by using products that contain sunscreen. Since you have to wash and moisturize your hands multiple times every day anyway, it’s easy to get into a habit now that will make your hands look amazing forever.

Overall Hand Care

Leading up to prom and putting on your incredible prom dress, there are things you should avoid and precautions you should take to help keep your hands in top shape. If you do the dishes at home, wear a good quality pair of gloves to protect your hands from the head and chemicals. Never handle caustic acids, dangerous cleaners, contagious pathogens or sharp objects with your bare hands. Be cautious, always.

Ever-changing weather can be rough on skin in general, and especially on hands. Cold temperatures result in dry, cracked skin and hot weather steals the moisture that normally aids in protecting hands from damage. You have to take responsibility for hand care, and do it early enough that it will make a real difference in the appearance and feel of your perfect hands. No one ever regrets starting too early with great hand care, so start today!

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