Choosing Your Perfect Prom Hair Style

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There are so many choices to make for prom, but one says more about your personality than perhaps any other – how you style your hair. The neckline and style of your prom dress, along with your hair length and texture are just a few of the important factors to take into consideration when trying to choose which hair style you’ll wear to prom.

Up or Down?

The first question you’ll generally need to address is whether you want to wear your hair up and secured away from your face, or down.  Most updos require help, unless you happen to be unusually talented at styling your own hair. This help might be from a professional stylist or a practiced sister, mom, aunt or other friend or relative.

Note: There are a ton of tutorials on YouTube that can help someone learn how to style various hairdos. If you choose to go the “DIY” route, practice more than once. Make sure that the technique and products work with your hair.

Important Tips for Wearing Your Hair Down

A flowing head of curls or sleek, perfectly straight locks can go perfectly with many prom dresses and offer as much (or more) drama than any updo to your look. If you don’t take care to treat your hair exactly right for the conditions, however, it can be very difficult to maintain your look, especially through hours of crowds and dancing.

Your everyday hair spray or gel may not be enough to keep your prom hair style looking amazing for the whole evening, especially if you choose to wear it down. Ask your hair stylist or local professional beauty supply store to recommend a de-frizzer, volumizing conditioner, straightening serum, curl enhancer and high-intensity hair spray.

Also make sure that several weeks before prom you update your products and start taking extra good care of your hair so it looks amazing on prom night.


Wearing your hair up can be as simple as fastening back pieces in braids and as complex as a head of perfectly sculptured individual curls. The look depends upon your personality, the formality and style of your prom dress and your hair length and type.

If your hair seems just a bit too short for an updo, you could consider adding extensions. They don’t have to be the super intricate ones that are hand-sewn in strand by strand by an expensive professional hair stylist. You can easily braid in extensions to create one long plait that extends down your back, and some can be clipped in to give the appearance of having your hair pulled up in back or on the side of your head.

If your dress is classic with simple skinny straps, consider wearing your hair in a loose, unfussy knot or chignon. If your dress is sleeveless, or has a strong accent at the shoulders to draw attention, pull your hair all the way up into a high and sleek knot to keep the focus on that area of your dress.

In general, the rule of thumb is the simpler your dress, the fancier your hair style can be and vice-versa, although as with all fashion, your look is truly about you. Consider all of your prom hair options, and ultimately choose the one that makes you feel incredible!

So, how will you wear your hair to prom?

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