What to Look for in a Prom Date

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There is more to choosing a prom date than simply deciding whose tux will go best with your prom dress. Prom can be one of those nights you remember forever, so pairing up with the kind of friend who you want to share those memories with makes who you choose a pretty important decision.

If You Can, Choose a Great Friend

The excitement of prom is pressure enough for most people. While you may have a wild fantasy about going to the prom with your ultimate crush, don’t discount how stressful it can be to go that route. First there is the painful anticipation of how to ask and when to ask, then that moment when you wait to hear yes or no. If the answer is no, you have to pick up the pieces of your broken heart and if it’s yes, you’ll spend the next several weeks working so hard to try to impress.

It’s a lot of work for a party!

Think of how much fun it could be if you were planning the big day with one of your best buddies instead? Choose your pre- and post-prom parties for the dynamics and the friends who are going. Pick prom outfits that make you feel amazing, not ones that you think your date might like. Split the costs, share the fun and never regret for a minute the time you spent with someone who already has a piece of your heart!

Find Someone You Can Talk To

This is important for a variety of reasons. Before prom, you’ll need to coordinate details like transportation, payments, and the little fashion details like which color tie coordinates with your prom dress.

During prom, you’ll have a lot of time, and if you aren’t a social butterfly, you want that time to pass pleasantly. Silence can be really awkward and uncomfortable, so make sure you choose someone you’ll have fun chatting and people watching with no matter what else is happening around you.

Dance Compatibility

Are you the kind of person who sees a dance floor and just can’t stop the beat from taking over? Or are you more of a “swaying” in the darkest corner of the room type? You want your date to be a good dance match as it can be disappointing to find out he or she doesn’t want to pass the time the way you do.

You might also learn a thing or two! If you are an aspiring Diva of the Dance Floor, don’t be afraid to pair up with someone who already has all the right moves. Your date’s enthusiasm for dance might be contagious – you could even find your new high school hobby!

Date or Not – Just Go!

What if the internal struggle over who to invite ends up leading to no date at all? Don’t despair! Go to prom anyway! Nearly everyone dances in a big crowd together, only loosely paired with their dates. You can easily join in without standing out (if that’s your goal). Just find yourself a group of friends who are attending, ask to be let in on the plans, and enjoy.

Choosing a prom date doesn’t have to be an agonizing decision. Just find the person you’ll enjoy partying with the most and go from there. Who are you taking to prom?

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