Planning a Green Prom

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Have you ever considered throwing a Green Prom? No, not one where everyone wears green prom dresses or marches down a yellow brick road to the Emerald City. Have you put any thought into ways that you can make your prom more environmentally friendly?

Today’s young adults are some of the most informed when it comes to the impact that every action we take has on our environment and on our future. The teens of the world are the first to warn against doing things like using disposable straws, wasting water when brushing teeth and even exploring creative alternatives to burning fossil fuels. They have point-and-click access to viral videos exposing the hazards of chemicals in our foods and the very latest statistics.

If prom is important to teens, and the earth is important to them as well, it stands to reason that a green prom would be a great way for young people to make a difference. Here are some ideas for turning your prom green!

Issue E-Invitations

Communication these days is primarily electronic, especially in schools, many of which have gone to 1-to-1 technology arrangements requiring the use of personal devices for all sorts of daily activities. Instead of printing prom bids, flyers, parent instructions, student contracts, transportation permission slips and reminders, why not go electronic?

An added benefit of electronic communication is that you can use digital rsvp and payment technology to streamline things like creating a guest list and tracking funds as well as expenses.

Use Green Décor

Did you know the world is rapidly running out of helium? It is essential to many medical treatments, and it is not a renewable resource, so it’s a pretty serious issue. Décor like helium-filled balloons negatively impacts the planet’s supply of a precious resource and also increases pollutants which endanger wildlife.

Instead of planet-battering décor like balloons, try using materials that are recycled, recyclable or reusable. Long-lasting LED lights can be used to decorate prom after prom and locally-grown live flowers or plants are pretty without sacrificing the environment.

Locally-Sourced Ingredients

Introduce your local high school crowd to the concept of buying your food locally. Food sourced at farms in your region doesn’t have to travel on cross-country trucks, or global gas-depleting vessels to end up on your plate. Teach students that choosing food grown locally is easy, fun and tasty. Share your reasons for choosing certain menu items so students learn how their choices actually helped the Earth.

Use Group Transportation

Instead of letting dozens of youthful drivers escort themselves in various cars, limos, Ubers, Lyfts and horse-drawn carriages, hire one energy efficient bus to get everyone to prom and save on gas and emissions, not to mention save lives. Teens won’t have to work so hard to avoid accidents and parents will sleep just a little better knowing their kids are safe.

Turning your prom shades of green can be a fun way to show you support actions that will help preserve the planet while having the time of your lives. What are some of your ideas for turning proms green?

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