What Color Tux Should You Wear to Prom?

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You always hear a lot about picking the perfect prom dress, but guys have choices too! The traditional black tux – which is actually several different suits in and of itself – is just one option. In fact, men can choose between tuxedos, suits, traditional Scottish quilts, formal military wear and many other options for prom.

But consider just the tuxedo today. There are so many different options – single-breasted, double-breasted; peak, shawl or notch lapels; standard tie or bow tie – color is just one of the many choices you’ll have to make.  So where do you start?

Color – Jacket and Slacks

The traditional tuxedo is all black, but all white and black slacks with a white top are also common choices. Midnight blue is a contemporary look that hints at the traditional without getting too wild. Different shades of grey can look very sophisticated, a little different, but still “inside the box”. Grey tuxedos look incredible with vibrant prom dresses, especially jewel tones like emerald and sapphire.

Of course, there are tuxedos for rule breakers and trouble makers too. If you look hard enough, you can find tuxedos in pretty much every color of the rainbow. The burgundy velvet with a black satin lapel look is a throwback, Devil-may-care era that some celebrities still pull out today. A red polyester jacket with black trim looks like something a hotel bellman would wear, so choose it with extreme caution.

For a more daring look than a standard black, white, grey or midnight blue tux, you could consider a patterned tux. Subtle black-on-black patterns can be found, but do make sure your date isn’t wearing something with too much detail in the fabric, as the two could definitely clash.

Shiny gold, leprechaun green and bright orange may all be out there, but your prom date better have a real sense of humor if you decide to be that big a rebel! And remember…once a photo is on the internet, it can never be fully erased. Expect to see your “bold” choice again and again for the rest of your life (especially if you have resourceful siblings!).

Color – Ties, Vests and Cucumbers?

First of all, they are “cummerbunds”, and not cucumbers, which are the very traditional, and not-as-often selected large belt-like accessory that you usually only see at the most formal weddings, instead of the more popular vest. When you wear a cummerbund, you also default to a bowtie, and the two generally match. Cummerbunds come in many colors, but they are a very retro look these days.

More often than not, men choose vests to wear with their tuxedos. The vests come in a wide variety of colors, fabrics and patterns. They nearly always match the tie (standard or bow), but you can wear one that matches your suit, like a black or grey vest, with a contrasting black or white tie. Coordinate with your date to choose a vest that either matches or complements her prom dress, and if you don’t know what color she is wearing for some reason, default to black or white.

How to Choose?

Your personality, budget and local selection will all play a big role in which tuxedo you choose for prom, but nothing will influence it more than your prom date’s dress. Be sure you talk before you rent (or buy!) your prom tux, as an unhappy date in a clashing prom dress is something you don’t want to add to your list of life experiences.

So what color tux will you wear to prom?

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