Awesome After Prom Party Ideas

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So, you go to all this work to look incredible and surround yourself with the best friends ever at your prom, then it’s over in just a few hours? If you think that sounds completely unfair, you’re not alone! Many people refuse to let the fun end – and so, the after party was born!

After parties are nothing new, and it makes total sense. You’re in the perfect prom dress, your hair and makeup is done, the shoes still rock and you’ve already gathered all of the important players, so no doubt you want the party to rage on. What are the requirements and the possibilities for after prom celebrations?

The Host

An after party can be hosted by the family of a prom goer, the school, or even a local business like a bowling alley or youth center. They can be as simple as snacks, sodas and karaoke at a private residence, or as elaborate as a private night of celebrating on a luxury yacht. Safety is a top consideration, and parents should do their research before approving attendance at an after party event to ensure that there is no underage drinking or other illegal behavior planned.

If your school hasn’t made its own after party arrangements in the past, it is something that you may want to consider. The motivation is to keep kids safe while offering them more time together. Even theme parks and cruise ships have put together private after hour events to encourage kids to choose a sanctioned event over one where there may be a lack of adult supervision.

The Activities

If your after party is scheduled at a business that offers fun activities for teens like glow-in-the-dark bowling, dancing with a professional DJ or access to major theme park rides, your activities are clearly built in and obvious choices. But what do you do at a home after party? Here are some popular ideas that are a total hit with the post-prom crowd:

  • Photo booth: set up a background, provide props and assign a “photographer” (or provide an instant camera and instructions for using it)
  • Feature live acts like roaming magicians, fortune tellers and caricature artists
  • Set up carnival style games and give each attendee a bunch of tickets to play
  • Rent “grown up” inflatables (warn your guests in advance so they bring a change of clothes and shoes)
  • Show a recent popular film or an old favorite, complete with an elaborate snack bar of popcorn and movie theater candy with colorful non-alcoholic beverages. If the weather is nice, project the film on a sheet in the backyard and make it a “drive-in” or have kids bring their bathing suits and inflatables and host a float-in flick at your pool.

Provide Information and Transportation

When you commit to throwing an after party event, you need to commit to becoming not just the world’s most incredibly fun host, but also an ally with parents against illegal and dangerous behavior. Don’t just let word-of-mouth build to bring in guests. Communicate specific details to other parents about the location, hours, activities and expectations of the event. Give out emergency contact information, and don’t be afraid to ask for some in return.

If your after party event is going to be held at a considerable distance from the prom itself, provide transportation to allow teens to get to and from safely. Limos, charter buses, school buses, mini-buses, taxis and a caravan of parent drivers are all great ides.

What kind of after party are you planning or planning to attend on prom night?

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