The Benefits of Going to Prom as a Group

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When you think of prom, you might think of the traditional romantic date – a guy and a girl; a prom dress and a tux. It’s a great formula for some people, but others would rather relax without the pressures of having to find a date, coordinate outfits and follow all of society’s typical “rules”. Some kids just want to dress up and have fun! If you’re one of them, consider going to prom not with a date, but as a group.

There are lots of benefits to ditching the date idea and getting a group of besties together for prom:

  • Everyone in the group is included. In a group, the pressure to choose someone, ask them to prom, hope they say yes, and hope that all of your friends find dates too is enormous. By deciding well before prom to do away with dates, each person can stop stressing, and relax knowing that everyone in their social group will be included.
  • No Promposal Pressure! If you check out YouTube you’ll find a ton of real life recordings of crazy promposals. There are hand-painted signs, guys serenading girls on porches, and still other plans that are way crazier, all with no guarantee the target will say yes. If you don’t want the expense and extra stress of staging a promposal, definitely stick with your group.
  • Everyone Can Dance in a Group! If your moves are new or you’re worried that you’ll look silly on the dance floor, going with a group of friends is definitely less pressure. When the music is fast, the beat is awesome and you’re surrounded by your most trusted crew, you’ll have fun no matter how ridiculous you actually look.
  • Even Slow Dances Can Be Fun. You have lots of options during slow dances. You can randomly pair off then switch every few lines. Link arms and dance in a huddle. Or, take advantage of the down time and take a massive group bathroom party!
  • You Can Upgrade Your Ride. If you all chip in you can rent a great party limo or bus, which is normally pretty costly for just two riders.
  • A Group Prom Opens Up All Kinds of Prom Dress Possibilities. Maybe you’ll all go your separate ways, choose prom dresses you love, and surprise each other on the big day. Or, maybe you will choose a theme or color scheme and everyone in the group will sport something similar, like different shades of purple, or all black sequined gowns and tuxes. You can make your look anything you want in a group!
  • Keep the Fun Going Well Before and After Prom. Have some of the families host light hors d’oeuvres at a pre-prom party, and another set up snacks and a supervised, safe, relaxing place for everyone to crash after. Parents will be happy to know someone is supervising the partiers, and you’ll have more time than you know what to do with to have a great time with your friends!

So, what do you think? Will you take a single date, or will you grab some pals for a low-pressure night? Either way, it’s bound to be more fun than you could have imagined!

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