Weather Proof Your Prom Look

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What time of year does your school hold prom? Most are held in the spring, but depending on where you live, that could mean weather of all different kinds. No matter how warm, cold, humid, hot, wet or dry your town happens to be when prom comes around, you can take steps to weather proof your look and be ready to step out in style.

When in Doubt, Choose an Updo

One of the most at-risk parts of your prom ensemble is your hair. Humidity, rain and wind can all make luxe locks fall flat. If your style involves cascades of beautiful curls, beware. They are the first to fall victim to bad weather, depending on how your hair naturally behaves. Updos, on the other hand, can be controlled with additional pins, more mousse and a truckload of hairspray. Brave the flowing look if you dare, otherwise choose an updo you love.

Manage Your Makeup Accordingly

Humidity wreaks havoc with heavy makeup. If the weather is hot and muggy in your town, go for a lighter, more natural application of makeup, and a waterproof mascara. Bring extra everything in case you need to do touch ups throughout the evening.

Consider Your Dress Length Carefully

Our advice here will definitely change with the weather forecast for your area. If you live in a region where prom falls on a windy day, avoid super short prom dresses with skirts that might catch the breeze. Choose a fitted skirt to avoid doing a Marilyn Monroe impression (think open grate on the street and a strong burst of air with an iconic white dress).

If you expect it to be very wet and rainy, avoid full-length prom dresses and those with trains as you don’t want a ring of mud around your feet. If it’s a super hot day, a full-length dress might also add to your discomfort. Consider something tea-length or knee-length for a bit of refreezing air.

Sun Protection in All Weather

No matter what it looks like outside, the sun is always a factor, and protecting your skin from it should always be a priority. You’ll be posing for a ton of photos, likely outside and possibly in the sun. We can’t think of a worse prom souvenir than a serious sunburn! Wear sunscreen daily, including to prom, and if you’re outside for a long time taking pictures or hanging out with friends, plan to reapply frequently.

Keep Extra Shoes Handy

If you purchased a very special set of shoes for prom, you’re going to want to keep them in the best possible shape. Don’t be afraid to wear big rubber boots to your pre-prom party if you have to and carry an awesome umbrella, but no fair playing Singing in the Rain! While you may get a few laughs at first, humor is likely to turn to jealousy when your feet are warm, dry and picture perfect, and theirs are cold and soaked.

Weather can be unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean you have to unprepared! Weather proof your prom hair, makeup, dress and shoes and have a magical time.

What weather conditions are you most worried about on your prom day?

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