Finding Great Plus Size Prom Dresses

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Not every plus size body is the same. Where you carry the bulk of your weight, your most flattering features that you want to emphasize and those things that you love (or love to hate) about your look are unique and very personal. Some of us are “apples,” some are “pears,” and some of us frankly don’t look like fruit at all! There is no dream dress that fits every plus size body, but every one of us is capable of creating our own sassy style! Finding your perfect plus size prom dress doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore; it can be an exciting and rewarding voyage of self-discovery!

While we can’t just give you THE secret to flattering plus size prom dresses, we can help you understand the truths behind plus size style. You’ll find that some of these ideas are perfect for you and others don’t quite fit. After you review these tips, make yourself a list of the best of the bunch and then search for the dress that offers you the features you’re looking for – that’s how you find your perfect plus size prom dress.


Conventional wisdom says that dark colors are flattering, so black, dark gray and navy dresses are often top choices for plus size gals. However, finding your perfect hue has more to do with your complexion and how the color is used than it does a universal truth. You might look striking in red, or pretty in pink, so choose what looks best on you.

One big current trend that translates well to plus size fashion is watercolor print. Watercolors are flattering, according to RealSimple, because one color melts into the next, creating a borderless feel.


Traditionally, the fashion world has suggested that the empire waste is most flattering on plus size bodies because it emphasizes the chest and de-emphasizes the rest of the body. It’s a problematic cut for some body types, however, especially shorter ladies and those with smaller busts, so don’t feel like empire is the only cut available to you.

In Oprah’s Guide to the Best Dresses for Your Body Type, there are more diverse suggestions including A-line dresses, which are flattering on many body types; corsets, which offer structure and give the impression of an hourglass figure, and the princess seam which runs down the front of a dress, giving the impression of a more slender silhouette. The key is to find the one that accentuates the features you want to flaunt, and distract from the ones don’t.

Neckline and Sleeves

Sleeveless dresses can sometimes be problematic, exposing areas that don’t always fall gracefully on tiny women, let alone plus size ladies. Off-the-shoulder sleeves, sweetheart necklines and v-necks in proportion to your bust size are all good options that can emphasize your bust without pointing out any perceived flaws.

Starting to form a picture of your perfect plus-size prom dress? Great! It’s time to shop around and find the ideal match for you. Always be open-minded and give different styles a fair chance. You may be surprised what looks amazing on you!

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