7 Common Prom Rules to Know

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School-to-school and district-to-district, prom rules vary based on regional custom and need. But there are some prom rules that seem to be close to universal. Most are pretty common sense, but it’s better to get an idea of what you’ll encounter before you get too far into your planning process.  If your first prom is coming up, here are some restrictions and regulations you might expect. Prom tickets or bids may only be available for purchase to members of certain academic classes, usually juniors and seniors. Some schools restrict guests to students attending their school only, although most allow outside guests. Do not bring any illegal substances of any kind to prom. Don’t plan to spike the punch, spend the evening in the bathroom making bad choices, or buy, sell, or use drugs or alcohol during prom hours. Most schools consider prom an extension of normal school activities and engaging in these behaviors can result in the same consequences as doing them on school grounds. Once you arrive, you may not leave and come back again. Schools are clearly avoiding students leaving the venue, committing any violation, then returning to the event, especially in an altered state. Many schools have […]

Haunted: Halloween-Inspired Prom Ideas

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Most proms are in the spring, but there are formal events that take place in fall, not to mention poetic license that allows prom committees to choose any popular theme they want for their own event. On this night of frights we were inspired to think of some Halloween-inspired prom ideas to make your formal even more fun. Glow-in-the-Dark Accessories Just a little glow-in-the-dark action can really transform a dance. Purchase glow bracelets, necklaces and rings and distribute them as your prom guests arrive. By the time the dance floor darkens, guests will be ready to party complete with flashy accessories. (Monster) Mash-Up If you have too many good ideas for your prom theme, do the mash … mash up more than one and come up with something totally unique. Torn between Zombie Apocalypse and A Night in Paris? Make your theme a Zombie Apocalypse in Paris (for the record, this is a terrible prom theme!). Modern Masquerade Revive an era when formal dances were the realm of the rich and concealing your identity with an elaborate mask was en vogue. Think of the possibilities. If you love DIY, you could make your own mask to match your perfect prom […]

Fashion Week 2019 Formalwear Predictions

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Each year the world’s most influential designers gather at Fashion Week to reveal on the runways what we can expect to be the hottest trends the following spring. This is where prom dress styles are born. Fashion Week 2019 forecasted an exciting collection of throw-back, retro styles and new twists that will make next year’s proms and formal dances interesting places to see and be seen. In Vogue’s Fashion Week recap, editors highlighted some of the styles that emerged from the big event. Included among them were: Tiered Dresses and Skirts – multiple layers of different lengths, applied to skirts, dresses, jackets, tops and more The Tuxedo Dress – imagine the tuxedo jacket extended into a mini-dress if you can Patterns and Bold Florals – these will remain popular in 2019, so grab them at an end-of-season sale now for a great deal Other strong style trends for 2019 formal wear include: Two-piece dresses: this trend is here to stay for the new year Southeast-Asian inspired patterns and cuts Elaborate beading and embroidery Metallic-fabrics One-shoulder designs Mini-dresses with a “pouf” skirt Feather accents and fringe Thigh-high slits Asymmetrical skirts Daring plunging necklines This season’s dresses are vibrant in color and […]

HoCo, Prom, Semi-Formals, and Formals – Oh My!

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It’s hard enough just figuring out which is which, let alone finding the perfect dress for prom, another for Homecoming (HoCo), and another one for Winter or Spring Formal or Semi-Formal. No one owns that many gorgeous gowns or sharp suits! To give those folks who are newer to the scene a cheat-sheet they can use to understand what each event is, who usually attends, and what is generally needed for each, we put together a super-quick guide to all of these types of school dances and have shared it below for your information. i Homecoming (HoCo) Homecoming dances are held as part of a fall tradition that usually includes a football game, a semi-formal or formal dance, and sometimes other alumni spirit activities. Though the dances are usually reserved for high school, most colleges also have weekends called Homecoming with multiple events. The homecoming dance, like many proms, may have a court where students vote for a “king” and “queen”. Unlike prom, they are usually crowned at the associated football game. HoCo is usually open to more grade levels than proms, which are frequently the domain of upperclassmen (or women) and their dates). Men generally wear tuxes or dark […]

Could There Be a 90s Prom Dress in Your Future?

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Recent high-profile fashion events made some striking predictions for formalwear trends set to strike in 2019. Designers are looking to the 90s – the era of many of today’s high school parents, for inspiration! This throwback is bound to not only entertain your parents but may even make some of their prom dresses and suits the perfect choices for you! Velvet One of the single most dominant trend shifts seen at Spring Fashion Week was the use of velvet. Full-length and in a variety of silhouettes, velvet dresses are, indeed back. Velvet bodices with satin skirts, mermaid-style sheaths of velvet, and velvet dresses with lace bodices are all popular variations on a theme. One fun combination pairs a velvet sheath with a playful ruffled skirt. Velvet had a revival in the 1990s as well, though it was restricted mostly to darker shades like navy and black. Today’s dresses come in vibrant royal blue, burgundy, emerald green, purple and even white. Floral Print Every self-respecting young woman in the 90’s owned something floral. Bold-print flower fabrics have come raging back over the past few years and may peak in 2019. Two piece dresses with one solid against one floral are in high […]

Would You Wear It? Prom Dress Trends That Leave Us Thinking, “Hmm”

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A look at Fashion Week for 2019 offers some cool insights into coming trends that make sense – Megan Markel clearly had her influence on formalwear, which we all knew was a foregone conclusion. There are the typical avant garde, “absolutely no normal human being is ever going to try that trends,” and an obvious lack of pret-a-porter finds that will eventually trickle into every department store and boutique influenced by even the craziest of styles. Then there are the ones that make us shake our heads because we know with certainty that they’ll end up hanging on the racks of bridal stores and online shops, but we have to wonder how many of you are ready to really embrace them. So, here are some “would you wear it” fashion trends from Fashion Week 2019 and the predictions of what will be hot in 2019. Capes Usually reserved for superheroes, classic witches (the broom type), and Little Red Riding Hood, a major trend to emerge from Fashion Week is the cape. In terms of formalwear, we see both the heavy winter type that you might think of when you envision riding in a wintry horse-and-carriage scene. Some are actually built into […]

Best Prom How-To Articles for DIY Lovers

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The price of prom can be overwhelming for some. Even if you get a great deal on a prom dress, you still need accessories, transportation, shoes, flowers and more. At the school level, just securing a venue can drive up the cost of prom tickets. Sometimes there’s not much left for décor and ambiance. There are many things you can do on your own that can save you money and have a big impact on prom night. Pinterest is full of thousands of ideas – we’ve pulled together a selection of some of our favorites, along with some of the hottest trends in DIY. Make Your Own Boutonnieres: Everything you need to know from what materials to buy, to specific construction directions, complete with step-by-step photos. Hula Hoop Chandeliers: If you’re in charge of decorations for prom, you might consider these beautiful and easy-to-assemble hula hoop chandeliers. Just make sure you consult your custodial or facility staff, or your venue management to make sure it’s okay to suspend them from the ceiling at the event. DIY Gazebo: If you want to go overboard with a small lounge space or a cool picture spot, use fabric to make one of these […]

Prom DIY: 6 Ways to Use a Hot Glue Gun to Prep for Prom

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The hot glue gun may be the handiest little tool ever invented, especially when it comes to expressing your personal creativity for prom. We challenged ourselves to think of several ways a hot glue gun would make getting ready for your dance easier and less expensive, and it wasn’t difficult at all. Warm up your favorite hot glue gun and try any of the following! Craft your own boutonniere and corsage – simple step-by-step instructions are available on numerous websites if you want to try your hand at making your own personal flowers for prom. Just a dab of hot glue can hold on flower stems, greens, and extra touches like ribbon selected to match your prom dress. In fact, hot glue can help keep an entire corsage or boutonniere together, especially if you’ve never assembled one before. Add bling to your shoes. Whether you go with a few tasteful rhinestones or you completely cover your shoes, you can add a bit of extra glimmer with the help of an inexpensive glue gun. Save yourself hundreds of dollars on fancy designer shoes encrusted with crystals and instead, create your own! Create a custom clutch to match your prom dress. There […]

Hurricane Florence Impacts Homecoming Season

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Our hearts go out to the millions of people impacted by the potentially disastrous beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season. Most notably, the millions of residents of North and South Carolina, as well as portions of Georgia and Florida, who are sitting directly in the path of a hurricane that has been a consistent Category 4 for the last few days and has approached Category 5 status. The whole southeastern and mid-Atlantic seaboard have been at heightened alert this September 2018 week. This is traditionally the time of year when high schools and colleges are celebrating their homecoming seasons, welcoming back alumni, hosting high-profile football games and holding their first semi-formal dances of the year. Now, young men and women who had been focused on finding the perfect semiformal homecoming dress or the ideal suit are worried about far more serious and unnerving issues as they await landfall and the ultimate path of what promises to be only the first of numerous powerful and destructive hurricanes this season. It’s hard to underestimate the emotional and practical toll that this takes on our youth as well as our educational institutions. Forbes acknowledged the latter in its article about the financial impact […]

Avoiding Prom Extremes

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One of the best pieces of advice we’ve heard for teens considering going to their proms is to avoid prom extremes. While it could be one of the best nights of your high school life, the truth is that prom is just one night. Finding a balance between excitement and anticipation, and over-the-top obsessions is key to avoiding what could amount to a huge, expensive letdown. Some examples of avoiding prom extremes include: Asking vs. Promposing Instagram may have you convinced that in order to be valid, a simple, “Will you go to prom with me?” could never suffice. In fact, however, most people don’t order custom, “Will you?” pizzas, hire skywriters, plan balloon rides (He can’t say no suspended 500 feet above the ground, right? Wrong.), choreograph stage productions, hire a flash mob or do most of the things you see online. Most people simply as a friend face-to-face if they will go to prom with them – and a whole lot of people say yes. It’s silly to break the bank, and downright ridiculous to risk breaking a bone over a dance. And just because he or she doesn’t plan an epic promposal, doesn’t mean he or she […]