What’s New in Prom Clutches?

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A great clutch is the perfect finishing touch for the best prom ensemble. It has to be the perfect size to hold your very important emergency kit, the perfect color to complement your prom gown, and have the perfect embellishments to set off your unique personality. If you start with the trends, logo bags (clutches emblazoned with designer logos all over them) are making a comeback. But purse styles are never one-sided, and there is a lot of room for personalization. Small clutches, in general, are still preferred, at least for formal events, but they are often covered with eye-stopping giant accents. Yours might have beads, jewels, sequins, textured fabric or even flowers. Just make sure you don’t choose anything that will catch or snag the fabric of your perfect prom dress. As with any accessories, of course, your clutch should complement, not compete with your prom dress or prom pant suit (one of the hottest trends in prom fashion). If your dress is spectacular with an eye-catching, sequins, bold flowers, intense embroidery or anything else that makes it stand out, choose a simple clutch that simply rounds out the look. On the other hand, if your dress is classic […]

Unique Accessory Ideas for Prom

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Wondering how you will accessorize your prom dress or outfit? We have suggestions for all budget and fashion types, just for you! Rent Your Jewelry Did you know that you can actually rent jewelry online? Now, it’s not always the most budget-friendly way of addressing your accessory needs. However, if your top priority is wearing something scandalously luxurious, renting jewelry might be your scene. Yes, there are actually companies that allow you to pay a rental fee of anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds (depending on the original value of their inventory) so you can pile on the bling! You might wear a striking, yet simple black prom dress with bold, colorful bracelets, earrings and an absolutely gleaming, elaborate necklace. Or, choose an ornate prom gown with embroidery and beading and find the perfect, understated jewelry to complete your look. You can even rent handbags and sunglasses, along with scarves and hats if you want to go wild. Fake It ‘Til You Make It There is no need to sport real diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires or pearls on prom night, of course. Realistic-looking fakes are more than appropriate. Try on your selection, of course, and look for signs that […]

Best (Cardboard) Prom Date Story Ever

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It made us so happy to wake up today and read this adorable tale of Allison Closs and her prom date Danny Devito (a.k.a. Cardboard Danny)! Faced with a dilemma when she couldn’t find a prom date, Allison didn’t give up and go solo – no, she got creative. Allison searched the internet for an appropriate cardboard date, and found Danny Devito to not only be available, but affordable! She dressed Cardboard Danny appropriately for the occasion, installed a bit of hardware to make him mobile, donned a pretty blue prom dress herself, and set out to make amazing prom memories! And memories she made. Cardboard Danny was not only a great date but was the hit of the prom. Even better, when word got back to real Danny Devito, he reciprocated Allison’s attention by posing for a picture, posted on Instagram, with Cardboard Allison! We’re suckers for a good celebrity prom story (thank you to the New York Post for the original story and goodnewsnetwork.org for the Devito reaction), but are even more enamored with stories of teens who look at life through creative, affirming and positive glasses. Allison started with the ultimate teen drama – no date for […]

Prom vs. Formal: What’s the Difference?

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Middle and high school are the prime years for dressy dances, outlandish invitations and questions about etiquette, fashion and about a million unwritten rules. To make everything more fun, there are different “levels” of events that require teens to find their way in an often confusing system. One of the most common questions parents (and many teens) ask is, “what is the difference between proms and formals?” The simplest answer is that proms are usually reserved for high school, many times just for juniors and seniors, while formal events can reach all the way down to the middle school level. A “formal” is usually associated with a season (Winter Formal, Spring Formal), an event (Homecoming) or an end of grade celebration (8th Grade Formal). There are, just to confuse the issue, semi-formal dances as well! Proms tend to be the fanciest, most official and yes – most expensive – of all of the dances. Prom dresses are suitable for the most official of evening gatherings and black tie (or, in the case of teen fashion today some variation on a theme) is usually expected. Court or No Court? The crowning of “royalty” at an event is mostly the discretion of […]

5 Prom Weather Woes to Avoid

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The last thing you want to worry about on prom night is the weather! However, rain, humidity, wind, heat, snow – all of these conditions can impact your experience, so it’s better to check the forecast, compare notes and show up prepared! Here are some great tips to help you avoid common prom weather woes. Humidity If you live in a region that is very humid, you’ll need to do a few things to compensate and to help keep your incredible prom look fresh and fabulous. Hair and makeup are highly susceptible to humidity. Your prom dress can look great, and you can have an incredibly handsome date, but if all the work you put into your beautiful hairdo falls flat because of the moisture in the air, your whole look will fall flat with it. Ask your stylist to add humidity fighting spray, gel or product (or all three!) to help keep your hair in place. Choosing an updo, or a style that is pulled back instead of loose curls will also help keep your look safe from the elements. Do you best to stay inside once your hair is finished. Wind – Hair By the same token, a […]

Choose the Right Undergarments to Go with Your Prom Dress

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  When you’re standing in the dressing room or in front of your mirror at home, wearing the prom dress of your dreams, do you ever think (for even a moment), “gosh, I thought that would look better?” Sometimes, the only thing wrong with your ensemble is your choice of undergarments. Strapless bras, bikini underwear, SPANX – these are all of the hidden secrets of the fashion world that you want to make sure you get right to look picture-perfect for prom. Some of them are a tiny bit scandalous, and some are more than a little bit uncomfortable, but a tiny bit of suffering is considered acceptable in the fashion world (otherwise no one would wear 4-inch heels, ever!). So, what kind of undergarments do you need for prom? Bras for Prom Lingerie for formal occasions falls into several different categories, but each one addresses a specific appearance issue. Strapless bras, for example, are pretty straightforward. Your dress has no sleeves, or only has spaghetti straps, or perhaps has one strap on one side and nothing on the other. Solution? Strapless bra. Ensuring that you have the perfect fit when you purchase a strapless bra for prom is pretty […]

Prom Tips: Best Prom Dresses for Dancing the Night Away

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Full-length ball gowns, slender mermaid-style tapered dresses with hemlines that turn in to tiny sweep trains, and gravity-defying necklines on strapless dresses are all striking and irresistible choices for prom. But let’s be real – do they let you dance? For some, holding up the walls while you gossip about your four years of high school and that dreamy guy in Biology who looks awesome in a tux is the perfect prom. Those who are drawn to the dance floor, however, want something more. They’ve got moves and are going to prove it, and they need prom dresses that let them flaunt those moves all night long. So, what are the best dress styles for prom-goers who want to dance the night away? Length: Short! Without a doubt, the best length of dress for dancing is short. Choose a style that just hits your knee. Shorter might be sassy and cute, but it may a) violate school dress codes if it’s too short and b) cause an embarrassing scene when you’re wobbling or trying out any other moves that require a bit of bending. Short dresses don’t have to be hauled on and off the dance floor by a gaggle […]

2018 Prom Accessory Trends

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  Choosing the perfect prom dress isn’t the only decision a teen has to make when preparing for the biggest event of the year. The prom dress is just the base of your overall look, along with your hairstyle and makeup. Your jewelry, bag and shoes all contribute a great deal. You’ll want to make a statement with your prom accessories, so it helps to be familiar with the latest trends before settling on your prom fashion inspiration. The Year’s Big Trends According to Vogue, micro-sunglasses are one of the biggest, celeb-inspired trends of the year. Mighty minis have bumped huge, oversized lenses out of the top spot emphasizing a whole new look. Clear purses and bags are also hot as are, pointed-toe pumps, bold patterned bags and wild ear bling. All are among the on-trend choices for 2018 prom accessories. Seventeen says that long-line necklaces will be in for 2018. They agree that boring old monotone clutches are out, but suggest that patterned purses will be joined by bejeweled ones as well. Bright, bold earrings in wild shapes that dangle will be popular and partiers will select pairs that contrast sharply with their prom dresses. They add small, crossbody […]

A Brief History of Prom and Promposals

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We were contemplating promposal stories recently, and it occurred to us that the term has only recently become popular (recently as in “not a thing if you are over 30 years old”). This made us think about more about the elaborate ritual now known as a “promposal” – When did it begin? Is it an internet phenomenon? It became clear that we needed to know the history of promposals (or our useless knowledge database would be incomplete)! According to Wikipedia, proms may date back to the 19th Century! For the historically challenged, the 19th Century refers to the years between January 1, 1801 and December 31, 1900. Proms are seriously old affairs. They have always marked a coming of age period in the lives of young adults, and are reasonably popular subjects of movies, literature and art. They are generally semi-formal events where men where tuxes and ladies wear dresses, although those rules can be, and are often broken. When Did Promposals Start? The Washington Post was once curious about this same topic (ah, such company), concluding that the term promposal may have risen to popularity with social media, but the actual act of humiliating oneself publicly, complete with attention-getting […]

4 Things Your Prom Has in Common with Harry and Meghan’s Wedding

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There is nothing like a palace wedding to inspire people around the world to party like they’re royalty! Meghan and Harry may be thousands of miles away when they say I Do on their tradition-tossing wedding day, but you can tap their spirit to inspire your prom in some fun ways. Here are 4 ways to give your prom the Harry & Meghan makeover. Name Your Royal Court Most prom itineraries include crowning a school’s Prom King and Queen, and recognizing several runners up as princesses and princes. Harry and Meghan will enjoy the cheers of their royal family as well as their subjects. It seems unlikely that they will take a spin around the dance floor wearing crowns, but that shouldn’t stop your winning couple from doing so! Hire Food Trucks to Cater Your Meal Never let it be forgotten that over a month before the royal wedding, we were promoting catering by food truck, or the “Food Truck Proms.” And now the prince, younger son of beloved late Princess Diana and successor to the throne of England, Prince Charles, has gone and selected food trucks to provide some of his wedding catering too! No one can blame him, […]