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Sapphire Floor-Length Satin Sweetheart Mermaid
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Sapphire Floor-Length Jersey V-Neck Mermaid



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Purple Prom Dresses and Purple Party Dresses

You know you were born to be a princess or a queen, and it’s time that you arrived at special events like one. Purple is the color of royalty, and our selection of purple gowns and dresses will have you looking absolutely regal. Are you honored to be part of homecoming or prom court? A purple dress couldn’t be more perfect to suit your royal status. But even if you’re not part of the nobility, our collection of purple gowns and dresses are full of glamour and elegance, bound to catch everyone’s eye.

When it comes to wearing a purple dress, you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to shades and styles. Within our purple collection, you’ll find dresses in more subtle hues like lilac and lavender, bright colors like violet and fuchsia, or deep rich purples like eggplant. You’ll find classic high-neck dresses, sexy bodycon dresses, sophisticated long purple gowns, purple lace dresses full of class, sparkling purple sequin dresses full of fun, or daring baring two-piece purple dresses. From bold attention-grabbing beaded dresses to charm-the-pants-off-your-date sweetheart dresses, we have a purple dress that makes the statement you want to send.

Why are Purple Dresses So Majestic?

The color purple has been equated with luxury for over 2000 years. Why was purple considered the color of majesty and grandeur? Fabric traders in the ancient Phoenician city of Tyre were able to make the dye from a rare shellfish found only in their part of the Mediterranean Sea. It was so expensive that only royals could afford purple clothing. In fact, it became so high status that Queen Elizabeth I forbade any woman who was not a close royal family member from wearing a purple dress. It has long been an exclusive color only available to a special few.

Today, purple symbolizes amazing qualities like creativity, devotion, pride, independence, and magic. So, all you strong, creative, magical queens and princesses out there—strut proudly into your next special event wearing one of our very special purple dresses.

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